How are your sales lately?

Hi guys,

I am the only only experiencing a downward road for sales during July but mostly August and September?

This week better … august really low.

I started this month … I have one sale )

My sales have been way down the last two months. This month is also down. I’ve recently been very busy and haven’t been able to submit new music. I was thinking that was the reason, but if others are having slow sales as well…

They are NOT!!!

EDIT: What a coincidence! After 15 minutes of posting this, and after 8 consecutive days with no sales, I just sold one track! Time to go out and have two beers with the earnings. Yeah, BIG party!!! :beers:

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Nope, new tracks won’t help. Something is happening. Buyers not buying etc
Maybe if you do though a very catchy song this isn’t the case.