Why did the sales disappear?

Hello everybody ! I had a good start since I created an account and began to unload the tracks here, now I have 50 items. I was pleased with the months of April and May in terms of sales (I did not have time to count them, there were such days for 5-6 sales went.) How did the middle of June all disappear, what is happening? Any advice is interesting.

Pheudipie went on vacation.


Usually new tracks have good visibility in first weeks, sometimes months. After this time tracks are going further and further in search results. Unless you have very popular file.

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@BeachVibes very sad(( Everything is learned by comparison

I have learned "No new songs No sales! Last approval is a month ago now. Having 2 items in process and one pack with my bestsellers. This will help if they get approved. =)

GLWS all

Good luck!

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Thanks alot mate!

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No sales because everybody is watching the final between Tenerife and Getafe to be in Spanish Soccer First Division next year. :grinning:

Vamos Tete!!


Hello. Today my 3 new tracks have been approved. Of course I don’t complain that they haven’t been sold yet but what worries me is page view number. Usually, for the new track, after lets say 10hours on Audiojungle I had 60-70 sometimes 90 or even 100 page views , depends on category. Now I have almost 40, second track 20…third 16…Any ideas? Summer time has just started ?

Guys, forget about page views or any other statistic and analytics. Sales are not depends from it. It depends from luck and item quality. Even frequently uploaded new items is not the reason of stable sales. So relax and make music with love and inspiration.


As one of the options, it is possible)

I agree with you in half. The successful time of uploading, the quality of the tracks, means a lot. But also a stable uploading is also needed.

I can say only one thing. Work and work, and the result will always be

It’s true here.

Usually June and july are slower plus the market is overcrowded with apps and stuff, competition is getting harder. Is a survival game at this point also envato seam to focus on elements more then on the authors… Everything is againt us authors.


I noticed a slight dip in the second half of the month. I mostly sell sound effects though.