Another High-quality track delisted?

Hi guys,

I was rejected on this piece that I spent two days mixing on.

Any thoughts. I don’t want to be arrogant, but I know when I produce something better than a lot of the stuff I produced before. I’m starting to believe that Envato’s Team is not up to par in reviewing anymore.

Your bass is way too loud and your riff guitar is too loud too. Your system is lacking sub and bass maybe? Most of the instruments lack definition (too much low end and not enoud hi mid and treble (bass included, it nearly sounds like a sub synth bass mixed like that). Drums are crush by bass and guitar riff (the kick is not yet audible when bass start to play). You have big problem with the bass timing at 1:05. If you want your tracks to be accept, you will need to be more rigorous than that on the work. You need to practice more your ear, compare with mix references, takes pauses between sessions. Don’t rush the finalisation of the track. I personnally work on many tracks at the same time and pass from one to the other not to be tired of the same track and trying not to lose my objectivity.

  1. Mix
  2. Repetitive
  3. Quality of sound sources

There are a lot of quality problems. drum and bass is the Foundation of the musical work. Do not pay attention to the tracks that have quiet drums on aj. Make an even balance of instruments. Watch mono.

First off, cool track! Nice to hear someone actually playing instruments. :slight_smile:

But yeah, there are things to improve.

As the others say, overall a bit muddy and lacking definition.

Is there supposed to be a kick drum? If so, it’s completely buried in the mix. Overall, the drum mixing doesn’t sound complete.

Some really annoying high frequencies at 0:33.

Big ugly click at 1:09.

More ugly clicks at 1:12.

Guitar lick at 1:05 sounds like a mistake, like you missed a note. It goes out of time a bit.

Some sloppy timing at a few spots.


I agree with the opinion of others, in my opinion the lack of kick is the most painful (you compress this too much maybe) :confused:

Sorry to say it this way but this is not high quality. I agree will all the comments. I agree that sometimes Envato rejects good tracks but this is not the case.