Feedback on a rejected music needed!


I’m new here! I’ve made and upload this music, and it was hard rejected by Envato Team:

So, i need some help to truly understand what were my mistakes, and what i have to improve on my next projects, to comply with the AJ parameters.

Can you please give me a feedback?
Many thanks!


The bass line doesn’t sound quite right against the other parts to me when it first starts, also the drums are too rough sounding and would need to be more polished and better produced.

  1. Raw sound (sounds like demo, not like professional mix)
  2. Arrangement is to far from audiojungle standrats (some sounds, bass line, structure fo track, ect)

I recommend you to listen top-sellers tracks before creating your music for AJ to understand this marketplace :slight_smile: Good luck! :blush:


Hi there, this is what I hear:

Bass sound doesn’t fit the vibe of the track.
That low ‘booming sound’ collides with the bassline.
The piano sounds a bit cheap, and mechanical, like it was not played by a human, it lacks subtlety.
The track lacks cohesion, it’s a mix of several individual parts, it’s not really 'a whole’
Too many different instruments.
Drums are okay I guess.
It ends way too abrubtly.

Try to figure out what makes a track interesting for a customer to buy for commercial use, it has to

-Have a high standard of sound quality
-Have a logical progression/buildup
-Be easy to listen to as a background track
-Be mixed perfectly

Good luck!


Pay attention to the bass and piano. Try to replace VST. My choiceTrillian for Bass and Nord Stage 2 library for Piano.


I posted this in a different thread and thought I would try this one to see if any of you have any better feedback.

I just had three tracks rejected too. Can anyone give them a listen and let me know what you think may be wrong? I have them on my sound cloud account and have added my own watermark.

I would love any feedback on what I need to do differently to get my music accepted.