Need your opinion about this reject


Hello dear community!
I got a reject on my track (does not meet general commercial production (sample quality/mixing/mastering) standard) and would like to hear your opinions about it. I can see there’s something wrong about the track, but can’t find out what it namely is.


Where is the bassline? :slight_smile:


Damn… :smiley:
Do you think that’s the main reason? Or there’s something else ?


All your chord voicing a are a little low which muddies the mix. Try moving them up an octave. It also needs a little more life and development in texture; it feels a little bit too much like there’s lots of copy and paste in your arrangement.


Would definitely consider that! Thank you for your opinion!


To my mind it could be a reason of hard reject, because without bass mix sound is pour in low frequency and very specific. Try to add bass and make arrangement and sound better! Good luck!)


Thank you very much! Your feedback means a lot to me!