Track was rejected. Help me to understand why the track was rejected.

Track was rejected because of the “general commercial quality standard”. What’s wrong with my music? Give me advice please.

Hi there,

I guess the problem is the quality of the sounds you use, or the way you mixed them.
In the first seconds, the strings sounds a bit too synthetic, and the claps are very thin…

Another issue for me is that the bass is very long to come, it only enters at 0:49 !
And before it enters, the lack of low end is a real problem… it is ok for an intro, but 0:49 without bass is really long.

At around 2:00 the track is way better, it has more “body” and sounds way better - even though some work is needed on the mix.

This is just my own opinion, though, and is not the truth :slight_smile:

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I agree - the sounds and the mix are a real problem here. I don’t know your working environment but this sounds like it was mixed on standard speakers or headphones and not on studio monitors in a decent room. As @frozenjazz pointed out, the entire mix is lacking in “body” and depth. I kind of sense the kick drum but it’s not really there and the bass is also all over the place frequency wise. In addition to that, the quality of sounds should be improved, and, while you’re at it, try to come up with more variation. Playing the same phrase for 4 mins is not enough. Good luck.

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Hi, thank you for your answer. It was helpful.