Rejected track feedback 01


Hey, someone could help to discover why this track is rejected?
Thanks so much,


Hello! The track is not bad at all! Your bass hit me in the forehead (especially at the beginning of the track)! Adjust it by volume (a little quieter). Also i would do little variety, claps - “dead” (in the mix, they are poorly bugged when many instruments simultaneously sound), I would make them a little denser (perhaps with the help of layering). The arrangement is monotonous almost throughout the track (a little boring, ear gets tired). Add small and barely noticeable strokes on different instruments that are suitable for timbres! My opinion!
Listen to top tracks in the same genre!
Good luck!


Thanks for your reply. Is always welcome :wink:

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I think also the mix has a lot of 200-400 Hz, its a bit muddy, watch out for that frequency area. mostly piano and the bass have the problem, and maybe some kind of organ?

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thanks mate. I’ll try improve this track.