Would you reject this redesigned theme? [Original design was hard rejected]

Hello everyone,

I am attempting a redesign of a theme (Link#1 below) - home page ONLY for now.

Link#1 - redesigned theme for re-submission, please let me know any issues you see that could be a problem for getting approved.

I just expect some kind of reply containing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and , maybe, 3-5 reasons why. Thanks a lot !

Also the redesigned home page has some html validation issues that are caused by plugins and not the core theme files. Will these type of errors cause an issue for approval?

I just expect some kind of reply containing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and , maybe, 3-5 reasons why. Thanks a lot !

Please click here to see Originally rejected theme design. It was rejected for aesthetics, attention to detail and typography.

Thank you,

As it is now, I would reject it. You need much more attention to detail. I’ve got some free time right now so I’ll go from top down on the home page only - just to give you an idea on what kind of stuff you need to do. Testing with Chrome, latest version.

1. Navigation

  • First off, the light gray logo foreground on top of a white navigation bar does not look good at all. You want your demo to look top-notch. Reference: https://i.bailey.sh/dFqJSaY.png

  • The navigation bar is changing sizes when I hover over things. Reference: https://i.bailey.sh/YXyirGh.gif

  • There’s a 1px border under the navigation bar when it floats after scrolling down. Why goes it go from black to blue suddenly? Also, personally, I’m not a fan of there being a border there at all. Reference: https://i.bailey.sh/FBFUzIv.gif

  • When hovering over submenu items the font becomes harder to read due to the blue background color. White text would look nicer on hover. https://i.bailey.sh/suMseNj.png

  • Probably worth redesigning the navigation, it simply isn’t quite there yet.

2. Slider

  • Good h1 font. I like it. The lead/excerpt paragraph text below it, on the other hand, is not opaque enough. Makes it look weird, IMO. Compare:

  • The h1 text and lead p text are not aligned horizontally. Having them perfectly aligned will make it look more appealing. Reference: https://i.bailey.sh/OYGDiXF.png

  • The buttons look out of place. Adding more padding would make them look a bit cleaner. Mess with the font a little more - see if you can make it fit in better with the text above. Reference: https://i.bailey.sh/OeRZadr.png

  • Button colors need serious working on hover. Not only should the font color change to white if you’re going to use that background color, but that background color also is too close to the slider background. Reference: https://i.bailey.sh/VqmyVfa.png

  • Slider indicators have poor color scheme. Where did the dark gray come from? Seems very random and out of place here. And the light gray circle borders … perhaps I’m blind, but I can hardly see them. Rework these colors, maybe white will do. Try to match the back/forward arrows on the sides of the slider, if you can. Reference: https://i.bailey.sh/MtlHvet.png

3. First panel

  • Text on the left again looks good. The paragraph needs its opacity changed as mentioned above in #2.1. Buttons need same work as mentioned in #2.3.

  • Background is good.

  • Counters need to be reworked, as they are now they don’t look too great. I’m confident you can make them look amazing with the proper padding. Reference: https://i.bailey.sh/PQqrCvd.png

    • Not enough vertical padding, it looks very tight. Add more space above icons, below text.
    • The blue borders around the white boxes will look poor on some backgrounds. Consider removing them.

4. Quote slider

  • This element isn’t actually very clear on what it is presenting to the viewer. Add a curly quote or something so the user knows that they’re looking at a quote! Reference: https://i.bailey.sh/nRibvoc.png

  • Quote avatar picture is very big compared to the font size for their name. Also, consider adding other text below the name, such as their company (e.g. “Collis Ta’eed” followed by “CEO, Envato” on the next line).

5. Team

6. Static quote

7. Helpful Articles

So yeah! That’s that. The reviewers are picky and will want every single pixel to be beautiful and perfect, so you cannot afford small mistakes like in #7.2 or #6.2 or #5.1 or #5.2 or – you get the idea.

Go through the entire theme again and look at everything in very close detail, and say “how can I make this look even better?” Margins, padding, color, they need to be perfect.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you for taking the time to provide valuable and detailed feedback! I will address the areas you have highlighted. Thanks.

I can’t match @baileyherbert feedback but you also have mobile issues with the navigation, spacing etc.

Just to be clear - I get you are just redesigning the homepage at this point however you are not planning on resubmitting until the entire site is redone right? Submitting just the home page to gauge official feedback before working on the rest would not go down well with the reviewers.

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Yes, redesign just the homepage so far, I am planning on redoing the entire site before resubmitting. Thank you for your feedback.

Here is the revised homepage, based on feedback provided. It looks much better. Thank you! I will continue to go through entire site (and mobile view), carefully to try to make as perfect as possible. Please let me know what you think. Thanks again.

It’s looking much nicer thus far! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Also, the accordion at the bottom of the home page could use work, it looks like it was slapped on there at the last minute.

Hello everyone,

After about a month I have completed the revisions to all the pages and just about ready to resubmit after I take care of a few minor validation issues. Thanks again for the valuable feedback provided earlier. I wanted to give you the opportunity to look at the final draft, hopefully, your feedback was not in vain. If you have time please let me know what you think. Thanks.