Hard reject - Need feedback to improve my WP theme


Here is the theme :wink:

Here is the reviewer feedback

Idea is great, but implementation is not sorry. You’re definitely on your way to create something awesome and we can’t wait to see it!

I have no ideas since the feedback is so abstract that I don’t know specifically where needs to be improved.

Can anyone help give me suggestions/recommendations so that I can really improve and re-submit this theme again ?

Thanks in advance for all feedback :smile:


Your HTML code isn’t completely validated.
I can see some errors and warnings.

Good luck.

@marcoarib Hi, thanks for feedback. May I know the site you use to validate it, love to try?

Doesn’t the reviewer concern seriously about the aesthetic and design of my theme (I feel like it’s not about html validation that makes this got rejected, I don’t know)?

I’m not sure what they mean by “implementation is not sorry” ? Is it about design or anything else?

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That’s really creative one here, good job :clap:
can’t say much about the homepage i didn’t face any problem to understand it, but your posts pages need little work…

  • I see you are using bootstrap grid what if you replaced the col-md-10
    with col-md-8 (don’t forget to replace col-md-pull-10 with
    col-md-pull-8) ?

  • There is many negative white spaces inside your posts pages

  • Find a way to make me feel that I reached the end of the site, a footer maybe ?

  • Also don’t forget to validate your code

Wish you good luck :smile:

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@Znashty Thanks for detailed comments :smile:

I’ll re-think about those.

Does the homepage too simple to you ?

Have you visited portfolio posts already (or just visited blog posts) ?
It would be good to know your ideas about it also.

Very nice theme. Love it.

I am no one to talk about rejection,
If they talk about implementation. They are refering to the coding technique you used in your code. In terms of features, well it is already on 110%.

Well accourding to implementation, they can also mean by , how a wordpress theme is installed on clients platform.
When they activate theme via admin panel, are they able to configure the theme and etc features, is it working properly on a wrodpress admin panel.

Hi @petal8, thanks for passing by :smile:

Can you help explain more about the coding technique?
Do you mean CSS transition/animation and effect something like that?


I have to add more features and options, more custom templates?

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W3C validation service: W3C validator
7 errors and 3 warnings in your homepage

I like your theme so much.
With more polishing it will be an awesome theme

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@marcoarib Thanks for the link and your encouragement :grin:

Is it possible for the rejected theme to be re-submitted again after modification?

Feel free to let me know if you have any other comments apart from the validation ?

Hi @petal8, already checked your update.

Mainly, my theme is bundled with Redux Framework theme options & metaboxes. The plugin installation will be automatically notified by TGM Plugin Activation. As well, demo data is already provided in the theme for users to import.

I’m quite lost now what I can add more to the theme.

I would make all of the post “box” clickable not just the title, it took me a second or two to realise I couldn’t click the image to take me to the post

the changes scrollbar annoys me, keep the default browser one as that’s what users are used too

the text color on single posts seems a little too light, could make it a tad darker to improve readability

no footer is quite annoying as there is no “end” to the site… you keep expecting something to show

Hi @Gareth_Gillman, thanks for your detailed comments
I agree with that and I’ll take that for improvement :smile:

About scrolling, do you think we should implement inertia scrolling in case users use Windows?
or just use the default one as you mentioned?

Do you have any suggestions specifically for the homepage?
Is the design/effects/transition too simple or should it add something to make it more standout?

I don’t see anyone comments much about aesthetic or design.
Do you think the reviewer reject because of its design also?


I would agree to Gareth, I suggest you remove the custom scroll bar. keep the default.
As for the Homepage, as others have suggested, put an end to it, You can do so by adding a footer, or by removing the loop.
The font on single page is too light, try making it darker,
also, it might just be me, but, I think there is just too much white space below the post titles.

Other than that, It truly is a very unique theme and I simply love it. Cant wait to see this on the market. (Yes it is possible to resubmit the theme after modification,)

Hi @uziiuzair, thanks for your suggestions. I agree with you guys also.

I’ll try my best to make it on the market :smile:

Glad to hear that hard reject theme can be resubmitted. :sweat:

it must be the code, try theme check plugin and removing all error and add all require, and debug it :smiley:

Amazingly creative. Great job mate.

Just add options from the control panel to customize the looks, fix w3c validator errors and theme checker issues. Have you done them already?

Just can’t believe this got rejected. I believe it’s all due to code. Good luck!

See the Thread and the suggestions. Think the template is awesome and would love to buy it when it’s finished for my law firm. Btw I’m also starting author on AJ.

I did ThemeCheck already and the red warnings left are only from mostly Redux framework and TGM plugin which many authors are already used it in the theme nowadays. :wink:

Do you guys think adding Visual Composer will help ?
Is it required or become madatory now?

P.S. I have just had only 2 themes in my portfolio and I haven’t frequently created new ones for TF. So, i may not catch up with much about the current market requirements.

just replace all dirname(FILE), and old sub_menu admin function on TGM with get_template_directory() .’/file_root’

thanks for DJMiMi

doesn’t need vc and personally wouldn’t add it as your layouts aren’t complicated enough… don’t keep adding features, spend time looking at the website, look at the user journey and see how you can simplify the journey (from pag x to page y)… have a look at websites such as 5 second test which let people test your website in 5 seconds, you will get a decent idea if the ux of the website can be improved.