Hard Reject - Are you kidding?

Well I uploaded the theme I have been working on weeks, to receive my first hard reject ever. Reason being: “Unfortunately ‘WordPress’ has higher standards in terms of aesthetics.”

Now I am not in denial at all if this is truly considered a “bad design”, but in my opinion it is a better design than any of the previous themes I have submitted on ThemeForest.

Please tell me in regards to what you see wrong, I am more than appreciative of any constructive feedback as I am not sure where to go from here: http://levels.krucialthemes.com/demo1/

The last time I submitted a theme was about a year ago, have things changed since then? Also I remember the initial review taking anywhere from 2-4 weeks, I have received a review for this rejected item 2 hours after having submitted it. Is this automated?

Thanks for reading, and again appreciate any constructive criticism to help me understand why this template was rejected based on design :thinking:

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I think it looks good, you just need to add some unique design detail and improve heading text contrast to make it outstanding from other themes :wink:

Thanks mate! I understand in regards to unique design detail, in terms of text contrast for headings do you mean to change the blue, or add in another accent color throughout the theme?

Also in your opinion would you consider the footer section either bland (too white), or nice and clean (my opinion).

I am not going to give up on this puppy, must get it approved!

In some sections and elements, headings are quite small.
Footer widget title and all heading should have something likes a unique separator, that’d be great

Ok thanks, I will work on the minor details, create some new demos and resubmit. Thanks for your feedback!

Good luck for next time. Sure will be aprouved if you improve it.


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I have seen your item.Home and map area are looking good but the other section are common design.
Need to improve design quality.

No one cannot tell you perfectly why they reject your item.
But it’s sure some lagging in your item.

I think you need to improve design quality hope getting Approved.
Good Luck.

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