I need help with soft rejected

I need feedback with third soft rejected of my WordPress Theme. I hope that you can tell me what I improve to get the market approval.

Demo: http://goo.gl/pnhcqu


Please concentrate on improving typography, layout, and general styling as these are key factors in gaining approval into the marketplace.

Thank you.

With all due respect you are very lucky this was only a soft rejection.

It is a long way off in several areas:

  • Code needs to validate (make sure you are meeting all the submission requirements for plugins etc.too).

  • Fundamentals like spacing, margins, layout, hierarchy and especially typography needs work throughout the entire site

  • Consistency needs work e.g. http://doubleiu.me/wp/brok/vestibulum-sit-amet-lectus-vitae-nunc-auctor-feugiat/ the prev/next leads are not even sizes or aligned, Slider post type only slide sin light box, post hero content is completely different in each type etc.

Again with respect I would forget this and start over as there is so much that owuld need changing that it is very hard to give an detailed feedback

Thank you for your feedback, I will get to work in it.

With all due respect, is this as hidden item in your account dashboard? as @charlie4282 said before, it will be need a lot of works to remove “Hidden Item” status and put it on sale.

I have worked on improve the design, layout an typography. Is it prepared to be approved or need more improvements? I need feedback.

Thank you.

Again with respect it is better but still (in my opinion) a long way off.

The header needs work (and a logo), nav is too cramped and plain

Inconsistency in post preview heights and layouts make it look uneven

The big blank white pace on the home page below the first few posts looks unfinished

The typography could still be improved

Footer needs better spacing and the random tags layout feels a bit lost

Post demos are much better with consistent hero areas for slider, image, audio etc.

Margins could be better http://doubleiu.me/wp/brok/nunc-id-urna-ac-felis-dapibus-commodo/

Again I have improved the design, layout, posts, typography, etc. I need more feedback please.

Thank you.

Any feedback?