Need help (soft rejects)

Hello all,

We have a new theme and it has been soft-rejected 6 times for almost 2 months.

The feedback from reviewers were not specified. "overall design looks messy and very dated, overall design needs lots of work to be minimum quality … etc ". however we are not really sure which parts we should improve more. we don’t want to change full pages. this is the temporary demo link. temp demo link

We may have missed some parts. cuz we are seeing these pages every day n every moment.
Please drop a line if you have any idea with your experience. it will be a big help for our improvement.
*The pages can be changed or errors when we are working on.

Many thanks,

Its a cool idea but the design looks dated meaning the layout and the color choice is not the greatest either. Maybe also try a different font something more slim and sexy. Also try to blend the colors better that you use like dark to light dont make it too drastic as an example the footer bg and the white borders.

I feel that the sections need more spacing they are too close together. Maybe add some parallax images instead of just color bg or static images.

Also i think that the main homepage does not have a lot of spunk it, needs more bling or some interesting content.



We much appreciate for your great advice Lester. some of them are what you talked about. we are happy to hear. we will add your advice to our to-do list. we will appreciate if you have more feedbacks (if you have time). thank you again!