Need Feedback Badly - Soft Rejected

Dear All,

I need your input to improve my soft-rejected theme, I would also have my comments added to Reviewer’s comments, to better understand the points. Please in mind this is my first theme ever and fist submission on Themeforest.

  1. Design elements are not consistent, theme uses more than one.

My understanding: Is this because I DO have different main navigation skins, different side navigation skin, different header styles, and in demo I wanted to show the power and flexibility hence changed them under the “Header” tab ?.. I assume “Reviewer” might be referring to that. If not, please have your input.

  1. Design is not aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Usability is pretty poor.
  3. Theme seems unfinished too.
  4. Design quality must improve and be modernized.

I would love to hear feedback from different users and point out certain things, that I can work on and improve it. I have capacity to absorb/listen to both constructive and non-constructive criticism :slight_smile: I am open. I hope I get some detailed replies from great members here… Thanks

Demo link:

Hi, I just saw the demo the theme is very nice…

but there are small small issues.

here are the list (May be you can take this as suggestions too).

  1. Page scroll has some lag. it can be little bit faster

  2. The page header with logo,menu. and also with top bar is attached with the header. it can be separated and the main header can be fixed while scrolling (Ref Image 1) (Only In Home Page)… but all other pages the header is fixed :slight_smile:

  3. Responsive menu dose not looks good. (Ref Image 2)… this can be fixed Only main menu

  4. Bug with header. when i resize the window into small it showing mobile menu which is good. but if i resize to normal still it shows mobile menu… (Ref Image 3).

Image 1 :
Image 2 :
Image 3 :

for now only above mentioned . when i have free time… will take look again :slight_smile:


Thanks varunsridharan… I will look into issues you have mentioned, however its a LOT of work done on this theme, unfortunately that has been ignored. The Top header and other parts on different pages are intentionally removed (not consistent) to show the features of individual page customization based on the Page Names… Thanks again…

Would still love to see more feedback from others.


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It is not bad but not ready for here.

  • Generally the design feels a little outdated

  • Right now I think it looks a bit too close to enfold in places

  • Having many options is great, however if you do not delivery these in the right way then it becomes inconsistent (something reviewers hate), potentially messy and confusing for buyers (remember not everyone who buys here has any technical knowledge or experience).

Look at the big themes here e.g. enfold, Foundry , Be etc. They all have hundreds of features but they keep the delivery simple and broken into demos to avoid confusion and improve user experience.

Think of it like LEGO - if you could have every brick they make but unless those bricks are compiled into accurate models then it would be confusing right?

  • Right now you have many options demoed but no really pages e.g. About, contact etc. for someone to visualize it as their website.

  • the scroll definitely needs work

  • avoidable validation issues

There is not a whole lot else ‘wrong’ with it, I just don’t think the delivery is right for a market like this


Thanks for your review Charlie, I appreciate your input. My idea was to have everything all together instead of creating separate demos, but now I think I will have to revamp it, create individual demos… I hope your input gives me energy… after months of work, have to reinvent wheel :slightly_smiling: or may be this project will go into some unknown folder for years…

Thanks once again for your comments… cheers

Hi All,

Got third soft reject :slight_smile: Great.

After 20 days, I fixed all validation errors, improved many areas, got another soft rejection saying the “minimal” generic template. Then again after 17 days created 5 new demos and now goes back to another reviewer comes back with the first message… Its admin panel, page design panel & shortcode generator has options that no themes has, but still its not enough creative, and adding these options took me years to add, it cannot be designed in a month… Clueless…

Need some advice as I cannot read minds.

You could try using different color scheme.

A design very rare, must unify the design.

It is as if there were two styles in one place is confunso and unprofessional.

have problems with the overall design,

Contact your designer, if you observe the designer as sections and color of the items are used is approved.

Not bad but because of their mistakes rejected.

Theme not seem to finish

Good luck

Thanks for suggestion.

@TexTheme - I didnt understand the comment “theme not seem to finish”… does it look like an unfinished theme ? if so, can you please clarify the point so I can get it fixed… thanks

Honestly 99% of the themes are NOT unique on TF, its just slightly changing colors and photos, the layout structure still remains the same…