Soft rejected - WP theme

I would like to get some feedback.
This fourth soft rejected. I developed this theme from already approved HTML template.

Today I received this soft-rejected status again:

Sorry to say, but theme still needs improvements. There’s not much of details, all seems generic and plain.

Overall quality must improve a lot.

Previous review decision remains the same.

After making the required fixes or improvements, please edit your submission at … and submit for re-review.

Here is the link to demo page: here

What should I do to get it approved?

Thanks for all your constructive feedback.

Hello babiisasha,
I really do think your theme has a potential. Here are some things that if improved (web-design perspective) might look better and get it approved:

  • Improve navigation menu design. Try be more creative than chose changing color on :hover

  • Make your contact form more interesting. Right now I might say it look a little bit boring. Nice addition might be adding a cool paw icon into the submission button?

  • The information left from the contact form is not aligned properly. The icons are pushing the text on the right with different width.

  • Probably increase the resolution of the pin in the map

  • Improve your footer. After all, it’s a single landing webpage. Try adding as much as possible.

Deep Regards,

Hello ApesPark,
I will work on points which you advised.
What do you think of the section blog?
Thanks for you feedback.

Hello babiisasha,
Just checked it out. Probably you should consider adding several blog versions, i.e. masonry, 4 columns, etc. I would also suggest you look for alternative fonts of the one you are using. I’m pretty sure there are better ones, but that’s my personal opinion and might not be an anchor.

Deep Regards,

Improve the typo , hierarchy of your theme with unique elements.