[Soft Reject] Need some pointers

Hi guys!

My WP theme got soft rejected again, here are the reasons:

Please concentrate on improving typography, layout, and general styling as these are key factors in gaining approval into the marketplace.

Here is the theme: LINK

The design is perfect for my taste, so I’m really having trouble with this. I’m hoping you can give me some pointers.


Fonts are not aligned properly, try using San Serif 300,400,700 combinations. Make menu text all uppercase with letter spacing .8px and improve padding in upper navbar, Theme is good but typography is really bad

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Thank you for the feedback, a pair of fresh eyes really helps. I’ve been looking at that menu so much I probably wouldn’t notice if it had swear words in it :slightly_smiling:

It works more on the most important sections, add space and has to improve a lot typography.

try to be more creative.

Honestly design is empty and simply work harder on singularities.

And if the reviewer tells you something better “thanks” and working on those points

You have a soft rejection well, from now on the reviewer’s your father and will do everything that you say and generally have to put all your work arrives legs

And do not waste time asking here, because you already have the correct answers by reviewer.

You only need to work and soon will get approval.



  1. 13px font size in your paragraphs is too small. I suggest to change it to 14-16px.

  2. Same for headings. Maybe try with 18px.

  3. Few sections need more space. Some look tight.

  4. “The ultimate theme” section needs to be more creative.

  5. In my opinion, the menu needs more work. The table doesn’t look good.

I hope this will help.

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Thank you, good suggestions!

You are very lucky to get just soft reject for this theme. :zzz:

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