Got Soft Reject, need help please!



Dear Expert Authors,

Please help me with your feedback that might help me to approve our WP theme.

Reviewer Message:
“Sorry to say, but theme is not yet ready to be included in WordPress category. Design needs lots of improvements and because of that I am unable to provide any specific details. Please improve your theme and feel free to resubmit once ready.”

Here is my theme:

Thanks in advance!


The paragraph typography is hard to read


Thanks a lot! that’s all )?



I guess your question touches the blur line of one’s taste, hence some of my ideas might not be ideal for you. The below comments are purely based on what I think, and if you reckon I am wrong just ignore :wink:

A few pennies from myself:

  1. As per Zorbix noticed, the font isn’t very pleasant to an eye. Try changing it to something more subtle.
  2. Text overlaid on the slider needs some padding on the sides (within yellow boxes) - text starts and ends on the edge kinda destroying the nice effect you got there.
  3. My picky side of personality speaking: your underline effect on menu item hover over seems to be calculated on percentage of the item’s width. Therefore you can see the longer menu item the bigger gaps you get on the sides. Try to make it equal across all menu items.
  4. Give the Latest Article items a call-to-action button instead of […]. A button is easier to click and tap on mobile phones.
  5. Coloured social media icons don’t go well with yellow octagons in the Social Media Channels section. I’d personally made them white - keep it clean and simple.

If I spot something else I will let you know :smile:

Good luck with the resubmission!


Thanks a lot for your suggestion :wink: