Soft Reject Need Feedback


Got soft rejection on my wordpress theme.

Here is the message from reviewer:
“Sorry to say, but theme is not yet ready to be included in WordPress category.
Design needs lots of improvements and because of that I am unable to provide any specific details.
Please improve your theme and feel free to resubmit once ready.”

Please, if you have any idea on how i can improve my theme, give me some feedback, any help will truly appreciate.
Thanks in advance.

Demo link:

Hey, ermiya!

First of all - your theme looks fresh but in my opinion there are some things you should fix:

The main header navigation inverting colors is not so good idea.
Dropdown menu shadow is from 90s, lighten it a bit :smile:
Slideshow images should be more clearly visible
Main responsive navigation is poorly designed.
Outlines of inputs should be somehow styled
Sidebar grid is broken in some widgets (ads, google+) if you can’t fix this just don’t show it on demo
Search widget has poor design
Star before title of first post does not clearly indicate its’ pinned
Dropcaps letters and first line of text are not on the same grid vertically

I think that’s it.

So good luck with improvements, aprovement and future sales!


Dear @MajorThemes Thanks for your great suggestions.
We did out best and your tips was very helpful in order to improve our theme.
Please recheck our theme and I will appreciate if you check our new updates.

Any Idea ?

Guys, who can help with profile page. Maybe you have some template?

Thank you!

Dear @SergeyShinshinov please don’t SPAM here.
Create your own topic and kindly ask from other authors.

First off that’s a hard reject not a soft reject

I’m confused - what’s the connection between you and ?

Thanks for your comment @charlie4282
He is my partner and we work together in this theme.

@charlie4282 Please, if you have any idea to improve our theme, it will be great to hear from you.
Thanks in advance.

Generally it is not too bad.

the design is a little outdated

Before you submitted it here was it updated to meet all the requirements for submission. I am guessing that the set up for the other place it is for sale are not so demanding? (this would be my first guess at the issue).

Beyond that personally I am not a fan of the logo at all and the funny title fonts and breadcrumb titles look a bit lost opposite to the quite modern content fonts

Spacing is possibly a big wide (but it is kind of part of the design)

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@charlie4282 Thanks for tips and suggestion.
We’re small team including 3 people who worked hard on this theme and our team named “modirantarah” but we’re trying to solve issues and finally getting approve for our theme.
but I have a little question about breadcrumbs , I didn’t get noticed what you mentioned about that, could you explain this issue ?
Any way, I’m appreciate for your reply and thanks for your time.

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Its more the fonts and it may just be personal but to me the Courgette fonts make it look less premium and clash with the Open Sans fonts elsewhere.

Again that may just be my opinion and it alone is not grounds for hard rejection

Are you sure it meets all these ?

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@charlie4282 We did our best and we tried to meets all of the requirements, some of them listed below.

Tested on WP 3.9, WP 4.0, WP 4.x
Tested on all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE)
Translation ready (comes with text domain)
Tested with W3 validator
Tested with Theme Check
Tested with Theme Unit

If you see any problem or issue I will be very happy to hear from you.

The spinner it was there for about a minute.
Why this website is taking so long to load now?

Well… It didn’t load for me at all.

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Hello again my friend @MajorThemes
Maybe you face caching issues (I guess…) Please hit Ctrl + F5 and reload again.
Load time without cache is about 18.69(s), take a look at this.