Please help me with my Soft Rejected WordPress theme


Recently I have submitted my WordPress theme. Got a soft reject message today. Live preview is here.

Message from the reviewer:

Sorry to say, but this theme is not yet ready to be included in WordPress category.

  1. Design elements are not consistent, theme uses more than one.
  1. Design is not aesthetically pleasing.
  1. Usability is pretty poor.

As I’m new to web design world, my little knowledge is unable to understand those 3 points. Can you guys take a look at my theme and explain those 3 points to me a little more so that I can understand what should I do?

Thanks in advance


It seems to me that your theme uses some combination of Material Design, Flat design and minimalistic style, maybe other. I don’t know any rule against that (which doesn’t mean there’s not one), but maybe the elements of the styles don’t blend too well.

From the start, the the theme shows user experience is poor, simply by trying to click in one of the elements that are sliding. If you hover over the post titles, the slide keeps going one or two seconds, and you have to follow the clicking area with the cursor until it stops.

The content and the sidebar are not centered and it does not seem that that’s on purpose. There’s themes that are asymetric, but they show that their element’s distribution was carefully calculated to be aesthetically pleasing.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck!