Soft reject again and again and I don't mind why

Please Thmeforest Guru see my Wordpress theme and somebody help me. I have soft reject and my Reviewer don’t write what is wrong this theme. Sorry but your theme still does not meet the minimum quality requirements to be accepted into the WordPress category. Please concentrate on improving typography, layout, and general styling as these are key factors in gaining approval into the marketplace.
Please help me some feeedback.


Your theme looks good. But typography is not
You should improve heading font, weight, size… to make them standout

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You have technical problems. I’ve attached some printscreen sites.
I use last safari on macbook pro .

Definitely the biggest issue is the typography throughout the site.

Beyond that:

  • there needs to be more unique or stand out features.

  • validation issues need fixing

You have enough elements and it was accepted as HTML but you just need to step it up a little for WP.

Good luck

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Thank you for feedback. What uniqe features do you speak? Eg.: Megamenu or unique element styles or unique calendar?Bumbella

Ohhh. I don’t testing in OSX. Thanx for your screenshot. I fixed it. Thanx Bumbella

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Ok. I fixed it. Thanx for your feedback. Bumbella

I just noticed on my phone it appears shunted to the left?

By features I mean like multiple menu types, recipe boards etc. If you look at recent restaurant themes they have become far more creative and innovative in design and features.

I think the priority for you is to fix the bugs and tidy/modernise the design (starting with the typography).

With respect It lacks stand out premium design and is a little generic i.e it could be a theme fire any purpose rather than distinctively for a restaurant.

I appreciate it made it through as HTML but just feel that Wordpress notnonlynrequores a bit more but is also a great opportunity to improve in the file as a whole

Type is much better. If it were mine i’d change the Pacifico,cursive fonts. I think if you make it more clean and modern it will completely lift the styling esp as headings and titles elsewhere are different fonts e.g. sidebar.

Give it a go and see what you reckon. (NOT Roboto!)

With this in mind I would also consider dropping the wavey top/bottom of sections - both these and the title fonts make it feel a bit 1990s (again just my opinion)

Footerish area with Contact us info and res form is too narrow and if you make it a bit taller will make the form stand out more (I would centralize this and make it bolder dropping the logo and contact info - you could always include this in the form) plus add time/date/guests etc. to the form I don’t have time to edit the fields etc but you get the idea. item total counter is mis aligned

Dear Charlie, thanx your feedbacks.
I’m glad because the theme is better.
Please see my updated theme. What do you think this version?
The recipes coming soon. :slight_smile:
Thanx for lot of help. Bumbella

It does look less cramped now and cleaner.

Sorry more things you might want to look at:

  • Is there a reason for the dotted line at the bottom of the header? If it were me I’d lose it and increase the height of the header (I’d even consider a top bar - not 100% sure how good that would look though. IT might get a bit crowded)

  • Little About Us image hover state typography is not great - needs more definition between title and body copy

  • the sub titles below main section headings e.g. ‘under most popular items’. They are just a P class? I owuld give these their own styling and class to make then stand out. I am still not sure about that robotic font. Try it with italic Georgia/Playfair Display or similar and see if it works.

  • The hover typography in our Gallery DEFINITELY needs work . Perosnally I owuld go down to 4 items per row to give yourself more space then differentiate the hover state title/copy fonts

Dear Charlie, I make a lot of things and I think upload to reviewer. Please see this theme again and if you see error please write me. Thank you very much for your help.

This is miles better than it was before - the reservation contact form looks good as does the recipe elements.

A few small bits to be careful of before submitting:

  • Home page section subtitles appear a bit short and subsequently lost (check here where it looks better due to length )

  • the recipes look cramped and very small. Either have two columns and a sidebar or three columns with no sidebar to allow them to breath more

  • Not sure you need the dotted lines above/below the counters

  • Still think the home page gallery could be improved.

  • one big one is type consistency e.g. be careful to keep the font sizes consistent throughout. You currently have a few places where the styling goes wayward and they become much smaller e.g. this about link yet on home page the about copy is the same as other elements

Still a massive improvement and can’t be far off