WordPress Theme Soft Rejected... need your help



Hi guys!

I would really appreciate your help. I got a soft reject of a WordPress theme based on a HTML template already approved, but I got several rejections saying it’s not good enough for the WordPress category and kept changing it and still I get another soft reject

with this message from a reviewer:

  1. Usability is pretty poor.
  2. Design is not aesthetically pleasing.


Please guys, I need your help. What in the name of templating gods is wrong with my theme?


It does not look like your html version.
And I think WP category requires more design quality than that.


Exactly, the reviewers said that the HTML design is not good enough for WP - that’s why the demo is different. I try to make it better.

You say “more design quality” - can you elaborate more please?


It took me about 3 seconds to understand this is a slider, and your home page work with the html template but for a wordpress theme i think it’s too simple to work with it.


Its looks good. I seems it not perfectly coded, found 8 errors in W3 validation. Scroll bar is hided?


I see, thanks for the comment!


Thank you! There are no errors, it’s perfectly coded. Scroll bar is hidden, because the homepage is fullscreen. I also autoplayed the slideshow now so it’s clear it’s a slider.


I’m see it on iPad and works pretty bad.
The home page seems over on the viewport, the overflow hidden make the hamburger icon not visible. You must scroll horizontally to see it.
The gallery page shows the images on only one column on the left then the right side of the page is blank
There is a also some other little things to improve.
I suggest you to check on a real iPad to debug.
Also I suggest to try to improve the typography because it seems too much “usual” (but this is only my opinion)
Good luck for you re submission