A question, my themes is rejected or approved?


I want know if my themes html is approved or rejected? I already submit themeforest please check my themes.

demo: http://demo1.jerithemes.com/donchef/index.html


I just made a check from my mobile phone:

  • Header needs work; nav burger needs to be on the same line with the logo;
  • Too many animations. In mobile devices, use fadeIn animation, make the transitions smoother. All the current transitions and animations gives pain to my eyes :slight_smile: All of them are too aggresive.


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Many thanks if my html is rejected, do I can fix and resubmit? please your reply thanks.

If you got a hard rejection the doing these modifications will not be enough.

You need to highly modify your item. Make massive improvements to get a soft rejection. Otherwise your submission will be another hard rejection.

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Many thanks, i hope that soft rejected for i need fix it. :slight_smile:

I just checked the template in my computer:

  • Add some sort of overlay over the slidet image because now the text is not easily readable.
  • Logo does not need to remain sticky, after scrolling.
  • Remove the box shadow from Team members. Its ugly :slight_smile:
  • Reservation page, headet issur
  • My suggestion is to make this template One Page.

Good Luck

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Thanks again :slight_smile: Regards.

Am I the only one that sees Comic Sans as header font? I would change that :wink: Maybe the font didn’t load, I don’t know.
Also - could you make the navigation smaller while scrolling, since it takes a lot of the space and I can’t focus on anything else.
Don’t use italic style when the font is so bold, it doesn’t look quite good.
And one thing: In the ‘team’ section there are social media buttons under the teams names. Maybe you should remove them if they appear on the top after hovering over one of the image.
I see you’re improving :slight_smile: Keep up your work and you will achieve a lot.

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Many thanks @ALdesigns I wait come my email if soft rejected I will change it thanks again…