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I have revamp the design for my WP theme. Please review and give your feedback. There are only few things on which i am working which are relevant to responsive and few more things. I am planning to submit for review so any feedback will be highly appreciated.

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Hello buddy, I don’t have much time so I will give you some quick remarks, I’ve only been through your homepage with my Phone. Here is what I’ve seen:

  • Non relevant typeface. The cursive typeface you have chosen for your logo looks kind of weird in the context of your website

  • There are some spacing and alignment issues

  • Overall design looks too bland and unfinished. Envato seeks much more attention to details.

  • Give some uniqueness to the navbar. I can’t understand why authors don’t even bother to work on their navbar rather than simply including a bootstrap default navbar.

  • Unfortunately, the overall design cruelly lacks originality, and basic design standards.

Here are some screenshots I took :

That’s all for now, but there are other things to rework, like typography hierarchy and other things. Nothing personal mate, but Iam afraid you get a hard reject with this template.

Hope I could help you a bit , regards.

With respect you are wasting your time submitting this as it is

  • It’s not mobile friendly in several places

  • The typography needs work

  • On mobile (only able to see on one and iPad) the nav doesn’t work

  • There are avoidable validation issues the code

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Hi @ThemesJungle,

You have already asked for feedback for the very same theme a while ago and seem to not have considered any hints :slight_smile: Almost, if not all points are still valid:

Please remember that if you doesn’t improve your previously rejected theme significantly, this may lead to your account being suspended:

Resubmitting without making the required changes or any improvements is not considered acceptable use of the Envato Market and repeated attempts may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of authorship.


With Respect,

I already know about the responsive issues on some places but they are not on all places. There might be validation issues. As i already mentioned that i am working on few things but i don’t understand as i have improved the design significantly and you still think that it looks incomplete which is hard to understand. I won’t comment on saying wasting time as it is easy to say.


I was talking about feedback on site and the things which you told i already know. I know the standards as i have approved many themes i have been involved with many theme authors. Maybe it is the design where the problem is stuck.

Kind Regards,

If you know there are validation and responsive issues then you shouldn’t be thinking about ‘planning to submit for review’.

It’s just our view but yes we do think the design is a long way off the necessary standard in terms of :

  • Refinement
  • Modern execution
  • Premium feel
  • Most of all attention to detail

Just taking the homepage (this may be the feedback @LucaThemesCom referenced as having already been given)

  • the header is too cramped
  • the logo font is not suitable
  • second hero image (and many on other pages) is stretched
  • throughout the page typography esp. the hierarchy needs a lot of work
  • the icons on the 3 boxes are too small and the images too big in relation to the copy
  • on featured work, the like buttons in lightbox are cropped, and the main 3 images when hovering over zoom icon doesn’t feel right (overlapping to the left)
  • there are too many different image animations between projects, blogs and 3 boxes
  • alignment is all over the place (scroll down the page and watch the left margins)
  • footer logo is different from the header

Some of this may seem minor but it is this attention to the details that sets polished premium themes apart.



This still helps, the hero image (inner banner) is stretched i know in responsive mode i have seen that before i will fix these issues. The page typography esp. the hierarchy needs a lot of work .This something where i don’t know which sections you are referring. The logo i used is different in the footer if you see that the background color is different so in that case the same logo can’t be used also i have seen people do sometimes use different logos depending upon the situation and should not be a problem . The font i have used was looking good as compare to other fonts as it is a text logo and a simple text won’t make that attractive so i have used font which is little bit different . Also the alignment you said the spacing or margin can you provide a screenshot. As for animations i don’t think there is any restriction regarding using animation and every author uses that i can show many examples. All these issues can be fixed but the only problem i see that is after fixing these minor issues still if you keep saying that design is not complete then i think it is useless as the entire effort i am putting is still worthless and that is where i need little help.

There’s clearly issues otherwise it would have been approved.

We do think the design feels outdated and generic e.g other than the pictures, what makes it a construction theme over any other category? But at the end of the day it’s not meant to be harsh - if we were nice and said it’s all great and then you get rejected again, surely that’s worse?

It’s your item, design and time. We can only give our opinion on what needs attention.

While any suggestion is “fixable” why ask for feedback or even worse send to review something which you know is not right? As we said you are simple wasting your own, reviewers and community time.


Thanks for your detailed feedback. I personally believe helping others is not wasting time of authors or community :slight_smile: I will see what to do.

Kind Regards,


I have done all the changes as per the recommendations. Responsive issues have been fixed as well. Do you have any feedback. Check the URL below.

Best Regards,

  • You need to work more on typography especially contrast and font size.
  • Avoid using rough colors for your borders example don’t use #FFF Try something like #EAEAEA, This is not a rule but rough border colors doesn’t work in your theme.
  • Focus more on spacing and again font size example other example
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Hi Guys,

I have gone through the typography, contrast and spacing issues again, there were few minor issues which i have also found when checked carefully and i have fixed all those issues and responsive issues as requested. I personally think now it looks good but still if there is any minor feedback you have then i will be glad to hear otherwise i would like to submit the theme. Link is below. I also highly appreciate all participants feedback and suggestions :slight_smile: and help which they offered .

Hi there:

Too big typography of slider

good luck.

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First of all the theme is looking good. Nice colours.
Now I am not a theme author but I do run a small outfit that buys a lot of themes on here (on client accounts. This one is for personal use).

I would not buy this theme in its present state. It needs more work. The spacing looks wrong to me. In addition, the footer widgets look a little raw.

I have used these construction themes:
All amazing if you need inspiration.

I understand you put a lot of effort into this project and its not nice for random people on the internet to slate your work. Sorry! The reason we are doing this is we are all trying to help. Put some more effort into this, make it a truly great theme and you will get a load of sales!

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@ThemesJungle a question, you themes is wordpress or html?

It is a WordPress theme not an HTML template :slight_smile:

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I highly appreciate what you said :slight_smile: but here is the point do you think if you have a different opinion other people will also have same thinking?. All theme authors keep improving their themes with the time. The links you have shared all have issues as well and i can share with you but still people are liking it and these themes were approved as well and i have just a have glimpse on the homepage i can found more issues as well. I totally agree that there are always opportunities to improve things but at some point it needs to be launched, even in existing themes many things can be improved which you shared. Definitely normal users feedback always help you to further improve your product and help to keep updating theme with some more creative ideas. I have been working with many theme authors which do improve things after users feedback which also include design changes which is not a bad thing. I would love to do the minor changes to further refine and improve the theme but entirely making new section again is a big ask. Do not think i am angry on you :slight_smile: in the end what i can do is that i can submit the theme on any other marketplace and get their feedback although i have consulted few designers as well and if the theme gets approved and has good sales on any other marketplace then i will come back here again.

With respect; If you don’t like honest feedback why do you post on here? If you think your theme is equal/better to the rest on here then simply go submit it and you might hit the top-sellers!

Good Luck

My friend the honest feedback you give is just representing your opinion and i totally respect that. I would highly appreciate if you would have accepted that as well that the issues which i shared in your suggested themes are also valid issues but still being liked and accepted by the people. The problem is not to further improve the theme i would love to do the minor changes but if something has a starting point then there must be a ending point as well nothing can keep going infinitely and the same things these authors have done as well there are minor issues in their themes but still they were approved and widely accepted by the people and keep on updating from time to time, the problem i am facing that is there is no ending point coming. I worked with almost 5 to 6 authors and still working with few authors i have seen multipurpose themes do not get much sales and at the same time i have also seen the themes where author have made a minimal design theme but still have good sales and good response from customers. What i have learned from my experience that is there is no hard and fast rule it is just the people opinion which matters and of course luck as well. Why i am here because envato rejected the theme and suggested me to join the community and all your feedback really helped me to completely change the theme look and feel. What i like to be improved in the community that is there should be any useful conclusion of the entire discussion as well because it gives a feeling that community members is asking to start again from initial point and it seems that we are stuck and the reason for posting here is to get feedback from technical perspective not from customer buying perspective.