Would you approve this redesigned theme? [Original design was hard rejected]

Hello everyone,

I am attempting a redesign of a theme (Link#1 below).


A redesigned theme for re-submission, please let me know any issues you see with any of the pages that could be a problem for getting approved.

I just expect some kind of reply containing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and, maybe, 3-5 reasons why. Thanks a lot !

Also the redesigned has some html validation issues that are caused by plugins and not the core theme files. Will these type of errors cause an issue for approval?

I just expect some kind of reply containing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and , maybe, 3-5 reasons why. Thanks a lot !

Please click here to see Originally rejected theme design. It was rejected for aesthetics, attention to detail and typography.

Thank you,


I would say at least Soft rejected or at worst hard rejected. Personaly i would soft reject it because you can still improve it a lot.

Concerning the validation issues, i think that TF reviewers dont like them at all. The massive submission ammounts that they have to process makes pressing the hard reject button easy if basic requirements are not met. I would really suggest changing your plugins for some that don’t generate errors.

For your design, here is what i saw :

  • You obviously CAN code a WordPress theme (it’s not the case for me :)), but you still need to think about how you want to design it

  • Header shrink animation is far too long, try to reduce it’s duration.

  • In my opinion, theme logo is too big, and the “S” of works is a bit cropped on the right. You should also rework it’s typography and colors

  • I think the blue and the orange that you chose don’t match the general feeling. I would suggest focusing on a more “therapeutical blue” and work around nuances. You should dismiss orange because it is oftne used for warnings. It gives the feeling of something going wrong.

  • Your page Header titles are far too big i think

  • Typography needs a deep rework : typeface, spacing, decoration

  • There are many major spacing and alignment issues, according to TF standards

  • You don’t pay much attention to details : buttons, meta info, icons, headings, paragraphs

Like i said, i would soft reject because i think that you’re not that far. The previous review still stands, aesthetics should be improved a lot. Maybe you should co work with a designer to style your elements.

I hope this helps, regards

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Can you please provide at least 1 to 3 specific examples of attention to detail, typography and spacing/alignment issues you observed. It would realy be helpful. Thanks.