[Hard Rejection] WordPress Theme: You Opinion's Needed

Hello people!

I’d like to know your opinion about my WordPress Theme that’s been hard rejected after a soft rejection.
The soft rejection says that the Theme is not very well designed. So I’d like to know your opinion about the design and what should be fixed.

Website’s link: Click Here

Thank you.

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Your design website is very messy, problem typography, spacing, margins, paddings, etc your need more practice for approved themeforest.

Your themes is hard rejected!!!


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Hello JeriTeam.
Nice remarks. I will try my best to fix them all.
Thank You.

put more effort in the design, even if your theme was approved, it would have been hard to sell because design (visual aspect) is very important.

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Very true hevron.

However, I’m not a professional designer & I’m trying to make a theme that doesn’t put people’s attention off.

I see that many premium themes out there are beautiful looking with colors, lots of features & big images, but their problem is that: because of too much styling & colors, it’s difficult for a new visitor to concentrate on the main content.

The idea behind my new theme is to help visitors concentrate on the content of the blog.

But as I know, there are many problems with the design. I could spot some of them but not all of them. JeriTeam has added new interesting points & really would like to hear/learn more from people. It will be very helpful.

Thank you.