Why reject my Business Card?

Please tell me the exact reason, so that I can improve myself for the next submission :frowning:

Graphicriver send me this mail.

Check the forum. These type of cards are always rejected.

Can you share with us the exact reasons why they should accept your business card?

On a side note… why is this persons post exactly the same as your down to the wording, layout and format? Do you know them?

hi u have strange things as regard to hierarchy - I know that a lot of people do this, but what is the point to do it also if this is that makes very little sense ? - such as putting the first name and second name at two different hierarchy levels so that the first name prevails over the last name when it comes to printing out…hierarchy , as well as most of the other mistakes that u made are not a small deal, since, this is basic design principles that we are talking about. In the same category of mistake, thus, u have a real issue with contrast for the function that not only increases the problem related to hierarchy but also gets u into deeper trouble in a snowball effect by adding readability and exposure issues. Alignment seems not completely well which is meaning that u have a problem with 3 basic design principles for a simple business card. in addition, the card looks crammed in the information side , this looks like lacking breathing and being too compact overall. The space between margins contributes to increasing this feeling. This is not big enough, things are too close from margins. The QR code looks disproportionally small compared with the rest of the elements in the logo side. Finally , indeed, there is nothing really new here , between colors, style, typo and so on, there are a lot of things that we see in lots of cards that used to be approved, and I assume that bringing something a bit fresh to the table would not hurt …