i don’t understand why my business cards rejected (hard reject) ? Help PLZ

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “BeeKeeper corporate business card” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.


hi , indeed there are many reasons why this was rejected …

1- logo
first of all your logo is clearly not looking good and just nails the preview, u should take some time to create a decent one so that this is pulling up the overall card review rather than the other way around, all details matter , pls keep this in mind

2- spacing
u have a problem with the general organization indeed but in particular when it comes to the way texts are placed , they are too close from the edge , it looks like that they are “choking” out there … not to mention that at this stage you have written at least in the safety zone or maybe even in the trim area …

3- hierarchy
the global thing is decent hierarchy wise but the nornal information is very small, lost in the sideway though this is part of the thing that people are interested in …

4- global lay out and text disposition
this is very strange to have name and function so very disconnected space wise from the rest of the information

5- icons are too basic
indeed, they look like photoshop preset or lookalike and in addition they are very small… either u use some, they look good and are outstanding or u can wander what is their purpose …

6- global style
hard to define what kind of market this card is addressing … why having honeycomb and bees? u address bee farmers? in addition , u made a style which looks very “bitmap” and introduce some illustration , for me this is not matching


it is nice information so helpful information ? Can i be your frend do you have facebook account ? ;))

hi indeed i have not opened any but i am considering and when i do will let know :slight_smile:as for the information yes i hope it was helpful lol i tried to :slight_smile:

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