Again my Business Card has been rejected

Guys I don’t want to give up and most importantly I can’t understand why they are rejecting, please help

As I told you before your card has no solid concept.

Thanks a lot of but
Many Cards don’t have a clear concept.

Every time you have the same statement. “Your items are better then items already accepted”

Why you need our help?

Aren’t you tired of doing the same kind of business cards and getting rejected?

Clearly something doesn’t work with your items. Try a different style.

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this is not the worst thing that i have ever seen as there is a kind of harmony in all this but lets face it , @DesignSomething is right, this is a bit too generic in terms of style, probably … this is hard to identify who could be interested in this, not to mention that there is not too much graphic design into it all the same … otherwise , the logo is aligned properly in the logo side … and the concerned side is pretty empty all the same until we can wander if there is a real need to have one …

information side …
the divider is a bit too “raw” lacking finesse indeed …
the typo is rather flat and same gores with the hierarchy as a result … u must put a bit more originality , variations and font combinations in texts to gain in relief …
icons are hardly seen, too basic and quite frankly not bringing anything too much to the table as such … not to mention that u have a discrepancy between both sides … one being crammed - the right one - and the other one way much more empty indeed …

Thank you for your time. I will try to fix these tips.

Thanks a lot
I’ll try to stick to your advice

u are welcome if u feel like u have clues enough u can check the “solution” box , good work and good luck buddy :slight_smile:

These also did not accept

next time PLS post in a NEW THREAD and ONE BY ONE! thanks

first card
this is pretty simple and can be redone in a few minutes by anyone knowing how to use photoshop tools , so , this basically means that the commercial potential of this item is low. Besides, same goes with the level of originality … u have to figue out that not only are all marketplaces much saturated but in addition u are posting probably in the most matured one … so unless u bring something really new to the table , then your chance to get the item accepted are close to 0. In addition, the name and function and the block on the other side are not properly aligned. Icons are too flat and not far from being invisible and definitely not popping out at all or bringing anything to the table graphic design wise. BTW, the global looks is too flat and it would take u to bring originality to the table and to push the envelop visually speaking. Finally the logo side is so very empty that we can wander what is the purpose to have one in such conditions …

second logo
this is far better in my view, even though you have some “mistakes” in common and that fixing some things would take your item to the next level … what i like with this one, this is that this is globally tastefully and cleanly arranged in a general way. I am not sure that the combination of colors is the very best that u could have though … i guess that thinking of color shades or complementary colors would be a smart move indeed. otherwise, u have a “hole” in the information side … having nothing at all like this in the bottom left corner is not really appropriate , i think that u’d better find a way for introducing something out there and that this is looking even better again … once again the logo side is super empty and the originalities and cleanliness that u could set up in the other side is not as obvious in this side which looks too flat and too empty, especially in comparison …

Thank you very much you have explained in great detail and clearly I will try to adhere to your advice when creating a new card

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happy to help if i could :slight_smile: but pls also keep in mind, one item per item, this is fastidious to review block of itms in one time … thanks . pls also check the “solution” box fr this thread