rejected business card

Hello their i’v been submitted may business card but all get rejected and they don’t tell specific what the wrong only Quality problem please any one help me who face same problenimage2 image4

Please post an image of your card, so we can give you feedback.

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focus on quality and originality and bring something super beautiful , never seen and trendy , this way u can make sure that u are going to make it lol :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, without your picture, it is difficult to write some specifics

Thank you and have a good day!

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not sure that we are going to get a preview LOL sometimes, strangely enough people are afraid to show their item and “get their item copied” LOL

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please anyone Help me I’ve been rejected many time till now all my design get rejected

hi how to help u? pls let us see the rejected items so that we can tell u how we feel …

wow ! u have a whole lot of work ahead indeed …
quite frankly, i prefer to tell u the ugly truth all the same , despite i guess u did your best , the thing is miles away from potentially being accepted and there is so much to do with this that redoing it all would be faster , if u ask me …

1- lack of concept
sorry to say just this but what is theme here? who is supposed to be the “target” or the activity that this card is meant to?

2- colors
i maybe wrong but judging by the colors u have here i am suspecting that u have been using rgb colors rather than cmyk … anyway, whether i am right or wrong does not matter this much , the fact of the matter is that this is really not attractive color wise … think about complementary colors or shades , here, colors are not matching at all and i would rather recommend someone to pit their glasses on before having at this on their screen lol sorry just little joke, no offense , ok?

3- global style
well at this stage , u do not have much graphic design into it … u need to push the envelope , introduced elements, establish a style and so on … besides this is even true as far as the logo side goes, this is really super empty until u can wander why having a 2-side card …

4- alignment
this is a basic design principle and indeed , u are violating it gamely here lol originality is cool as long as u follow basic rules and that everything is working well, efficient and so on … but here this is just creating misharmony

5- text placement and reading process
have u ever heard about z-shape reading process? this is essential as this is conditioning what is the best positioning for elements so that they have high impact … your positioning of elements is not the right one … for instance u have a logo that is almost melted in the back, plus placed i the sideway which makes it invisible …

6- hierarchy
this is very scarcely happening to have someone like u , as normally people fail to emphasize some major information, in your case, the problem is that u created a discrepancy between information of the same level with the colorful bullets that u have placed under the texts …

7- typo
last but not least , typo is either strange , not matching the style of the card, lacking variations and font combinations and as regard to how much u are expected to do a lot here in terms of typo , u have a whole lot of work ahead …

this side


thank you for replaying me trying my best in one time me feel bad ,sir before also you told me lake of concept? please will you help
thank you

this is not a big deal buddy , just try to think about what u are doing first, identify a target (a category of people u want to reach , or activity that u want to deal with) and try to play with the theme to bring something that people will identify, niches are working better than definitely too versatile designs in most cases. otherwise, pls do not call me sir , pls, Nico is better , if u do this i feel like u are addressing my father lol i am not so old all the same lol