Business Card design got rejected - I need help!



My Business Card items are got rejected several times. Please anyone can help me here? I need a guide, so i can improve it.


hi pls show us what u’ve got , hard to help otherwise …


This is the design


Here is my design


hi indeed this is clean but teh thing is that there are tons of cards in the same style indeed … plus, let’s face it, the side with the logo is rather enpty indeed, i tend to believe that u need to bring it a real way bigger effort graphic wise and that it would help u to get a different result from what a lot of other guys tend to offer already …


Thank you very much for your kind advice. So i need to change my logo and improve the design quality to something new creative design.


As per my opinion, This is very popular design and old. so mane have done this style.
Please try to bring something new, new concept, new idea and new layout. Otherwise you did a great job.


Thank you very much for your kind advice. Really Appreciate it:slightly_smiling_face:

  1. You should explain how to modify the design.

2.You should remember programs that can be modified on your template.

3.You should remember the fonts used in the design and the font download link works if it is free or purchased.

  1. The design should be using the grid tools and the distance should be equal to the swan between the headings and the text or between each berjraf and the size of the lines.

5.Do not use any references or elements or images in the design of other designs from the Internet.

6.Do not make a watermark or your own logo in the images to be displayed. Works on layers and labels each layer.

7.Any person can modify the color from the list of colors without specifying the element and the color changes in all the elements that are the same color with one stroke.

8.The design should be modern, attractive, unused, and reproducible. etc…


stop posting the same thing everywhere pls! what do u expect people to do with this?