please advice my business card design has been rejected

I was wondering if anybody could give me feedback on business card design that was rejected?
On email they said “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”
i have create it in illustration and in photoshop

Thanks in advance

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your design is too basic bad typography, logo, colors, error spacing, etc you need practice more for approved graphicriver regards.

I really thank you for your reply

I will try my beat next time

But the logo isn’t orginal it is just to be replaced with the client logo but if you see it as basic and there is some issues then I am sure others will see it the same way

Thanks again
Kind regards

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hi sorry to say just this but u have a whole lot of work ahead indeed …

is too flat and lacking originality and combinations

2- spacing
u have a lot of spacing mistakes , texts too close from the edge, misplaced organization wise and so on

3- icons are too flat and too basic

4- no harmony in my view
the combination of silver and gold does not work for me

5- crossing shapes not looking good
the shapes are not aesthetic what results from this is just that u are ruining the graphic part in my view …

6- too basic style
one u have taken crossing shapes there is nothing left graphic wise

7 -logo
i know the logo is a fake one but all details matter and this one is way too basic and flat …


Thank you for your advice

i will try my best next time and i will avoid this mistakes

Tank you