Why this Business Card is rejected?

Hello everyone, I am new to graphic river. Please look at the business card attached and tell me why it is rejected?

hi i am sorry , pls do not take this personally but indeed, this is really too plain and too “tasteless” at the moment … the item is super easy to redo in minutes for anyone who can use design tools and the commercial potential of the item is rather low accordingly … for the item to look interesting there is a need that u bring something to the table that is either making people feel they will save some time out of buying or that they analyze that the design skills offered are higher than what they can possibly do, and , sorry to say just this , but none of the conditions are met here , so why would the reviewer accept the item as such , identifying that there is low commercial potential in this one … IN addition, th typo is rather plain to say the least and really far from standards at this stage, knowing that standards here are pretty high when it comes to typo, which is a main focus here … variations, font combinations and touches of originality are expected so that some relief is being generated indeed … the contrast between primary and secondary info is not high enough and this is hard to see the difference visually, when u should be able to it at first sight …besides, the hierarchy is somehow a bit strange sometimes, manager not being valued enough, as the name but the way … the logo is not bad except from the color that are overused and the yellow is not the best choice in ters of contrast , the imbrication of the txt and illustration parts in the logo are not done well enough at the moment …this is not properly articulated yet. these pacing between name and tagline is wrong too … pls keep in mind that details matter and that a variety of small mistakes put 2 on 2 together end up making people get into troubles … Icons are too basic, too massive (lacking finesse indeed) and do not really bring anything to the table visually or aesthetically speaking … let’s also face it, the global style is too plain and once the logo meant to be replaced is taken out, people may ask to themselves what they have bought if the item had been approved and sold … the logo side is also super plain until u may wander if this is worth the drive having a “b-side” to have nothing like this inside I recommend that u push the enveloppe graphic design wise, it will help u to offer something way more original in the process indeed


Hi, thanks for taking your valueable time to help me. I really appreciate that. I understand I have to learn a lot before coming to the professional marketplaces like graphicriver. I will try to improve my designing skills.

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this is notso much the issue … what u have here is too plain by far ,take your time, put more effort into it and i am sure that u can come up with something interesting if u both invest the time and make the expected effort


Thanks for giving me the courage. I needed that.

u are welcome u have to keep faith and trust in yourself but doubt a bit so that this is pushing u forward and forcing u to do your best … the right balance is hard to find, especially here where rejections pay a toll on people’s own confidence … keep doing your best and keep on fighting , success doesn’t come softly … unfortunately lol if u have enough clues of what to do with your item, anyway, ls check the solution box , good work and good luck :slight_smile:

This is the worst business card I’ve ever seen.
It looks like a blind person did it.
You need to delete the file and start over.

How you know that I am blind? I think you have some sort of mystical powers lol.

Thanks. I know my mistakes and I will overcome them soon.

You need to buy a new monitor if you think that design is good.
Nobody in the United States will buy it because it doesn’t look professional.
It looks childish.

No, I never said that this design is good. If you have time and can give me some suggestions to improve this childish business card then I will appreciate it.

what is the point of being so harsh? u can point at what he failed to do and help him to improve his skills and work, this is much more useful

He can not give me any suggestions as he is not a designer. But just a frustrated guy meddling in other affairs :sweat_smile:

so why coming to comment? lol

Before I thought that he was an expert/master designer due to his age, lol.

how do u know any information about him? he contacted u by PM?