[GraphicRiver] Your item, Business Card, has been rejected

Any help here ?
This is the last file that was rejected. Is anyone checking it and saying what are my mistakes?
Are there errors in files, font, file type, size, color, anything?
Please help me, I need some advice to understand the reasons of the refusal.
Thank you in advance!
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Anyone here, I want help?

Why put a picture of someone drinking coffee on a business card? Your card is too simple, with no concept and no targeted to a specific industry. Also with a basic graphic skill you can redo this in 5 minutes.

hi i would once again tend to agree with @DesignSomething. He is a design teacher and thus knows what design is all about, this is for sure … i believe that some of you guys are sometimes a bit forgetting about that a template and a custom item are not the same … i know that this is rather taken for granted that “minimalism” should be the way but try to look from the perspective of a customer … what is more valuable having more or less when u have to pay for something? i believe that this is more … if someone with just decent knowledge of tools can basically redo the thing without too much effort or investing time, basically this means trouble, as why would people invest money in a purchased item when they cannot really save much time and if they could save money by doing on their own? especially nowadays , i might add , as many companies are probably sometimes giving even more a second though to any kind of expense due to the turmoil that covid plunged most of the people into …
look , do not take this personally ok, this is “the goal” but most of the disposition , color combinations are rather deja vu in a much saturated category already and u , as a loooooot of other guys do, have a two sided card in which one is almost basically only made out of a logo that is meant to be replaced , in other words , this is a bit like the buyer is buying a white canvas … or a white canvas and a line of text in the best case …
in addition, offering many color previews may look attractive and this is a rather good idea indeed, but as long as u also make sure that u do nt get yourself into trouble out of using some colors that are not super appropriate , making more or less violate the "contrast " basic design principle …
globally the text in the data side are too close from the right edge , too, this is preventing the text from breathing, this makes the whole design look more compact and in this case, this is emphasizing a big white space in the mid between the blocks of text and the shape with the picture inside …
icons are also rather flat to say the least and do not overly bring anything to the table graphic design wise in a template in which there is not so much graphic design in the first place
about the typo, do not get me wrong , this is clean but this is also flat and a touch of originality would be welcome indeed
also make sure that texts are really readable in all color variations

Thank you so much

Thank you!

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