Why my Bussiness Card Rejected

I have posted 4 business card in last 7 days . But all of were hard rejected , But i cannot find any reason why it was hardly rejected . Can anyone tell me the reason ?

hi there:

You design is too basic, bad colors, etc but you need practice more for approved graphicriver.


Thanks for your opinion . Can you please tell me what is the standard color for Business card ?

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You can see for example approved graphicriver for give ideas better colors or also search google write ‘palette colors’ results links,


hi indeed, u have a variety of issues with this card indeed
1- u have a real problem with the global harmony , especially when it comes to colors … combinations are not working
2 - your background for teh logo side is too “raw” it looks sort of aggressive since very angular indeed
3- your fake logo is not worked out enough at this stage, every detail matters and u needto introduce a logo that is adding some harmony , quality to the table, so that u make sure that your item looks better with than without
4- you gave too many colors in texts and the name and function can hardly be read …
5- u have an issue of hierarchy of information as well as a contrast one, which basically means that u are violating two basic design principles in one time (see above) … the name and function are not popping out more than the other information and is not clearly part of the most information on the card at this time
6- u use too many plain colors in my view, hence , the “raw” style, try to do something smoother and something that will subtly match the background and contrast from it too.
7- Banners’ colors are coming from nowhere … and do not look good, plus push u into using black color text , which is not ok …
8- th general typo is a bit flat when font combinations are expected …

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Thanks for your opinion

i guess u could give me credit and call this analysis, i have been in the graphic design business for 15 years , i tend to believe that i know a bit what i am talking about …

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@n2n44 If you are expert designer but you can will help with @mohammadkhasru better designs for approved card business on graphicriver.


@n2n44 I not can help with @mohammadkhasru because my designs are hard rejected but I would help with he, thanks.

@n2n44 Could you please help me to design a Better business Card ?

i think i did buddy, if u follow instructions, nromally u will automatically do …