Corporate Business Card, has been rejected

Is there anyone who can suggest to me to improve my design skills. I am new in this section, I don’t understand why my item rejected. Take a look at my design and leave your valuable feedback And suggest to me why its rejected. Thank you

screenshot 01


You might want to try changing the black background to white and changing the colors on the text and logo.

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hi @graphhut

maybe your logo of business card bad color white, with blue and black don’t good colors, you can change colors background white, blue and black (texts) and add colors logo (blue icon and text black) will approved, regards.

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hi well , pls do not take this personal but to be honest the organization of the card is quite messy indeed, u have text going in all kind of directions, and we cannot see what is the guideline for the way u arranged it which is ruining the card visually. IN addition, the logo in the logo side looks placed randomly and is not aligned properly in the available space vertically speaking. The link in black is not sprinting out enough, choosing white would have been better indeed.
for the information side
u have the same alignment issues, the logo is failing to take into account the color u have chosen, thus creating a bit of a disharmony. Icon are too flat and the block of information is too stuck with the blue shape at the bottom of the card so that it does not “breathe”

in terms of style what u have here is too simple, it would take u more originality and that u push the envelope graphic design wise, in such a saturated market and tough category …