My business card has been rejected, advice needed

My business card has been rejected, please point out my mistakes, so I can improve the design next time.

hi this is original , this is definitely something positive about it and there is sweetness and originality in colors as well , though , to be honest , i tend to believe that u push the envelope a bit more graphic design wise, as this is rather simple all the same and the fact of the matter is that this is a bit decreasing the commercial interest and potential of your item in the end … . i also know that u did it for a reason of harmony and such things , but, if u ask me, the text is really too thin, not big enough in terms of size and it seems to me that readability would better if u were eventually changing just this . Pls keep in mind that a business card is meant for displaying some personal information and that if they ever turn out to be difficult to read , a business card, in a way has no interest for a user … the problem as well that i identify - even if this is not shocking - this is a discrepancy between the “futuristic side” of the typo with a way more classical “illustration” part and the fact that globally there is not much relief resulting from the way u displayed information. Adding font variations, combinations and possibly touches of originality would not hurt in my view… U should also push the logo a bit on the right and same goes with the block of info on the other side

Thank you very much for clarification.

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u are welcome if u feel like u have enough clues of what to do to bring your game to the next level, pls check the “solution” box, good work and good luck :slight_smile: