My Business Card has been rejected. But Why any Guess?

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Modern Business Card” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item. And we’d be happy to help make sure your next entry will meet our submission requirements. Here’s our advice:

hi indeed, the typo is a too flat at this stage (lacking creativity and font combinations), plus for me the use of italic i completely outdated and everything but aesthetic. PLus, u need to introduce a fake logo and make sure this is a quality one so that it does not destroy the preview, what u have right now is not “selling”, pls keep in mind that every detail matters indeed
your icons are basically too common. Finally the style of your card is a bit generical but is not necessarily compatible with a lot of usual corporate needs in my view , because of the sort of “abstract” side of your design

My recent two Business Card got Hard Rejection

hi as for me i prefer the first one in spite of acknowledging that the second one’s style is more original , the thing that u can be told about the first one is that there are a whole lot of cards in the same style, colors and so on, plus the typo is slightly flat too, you do not have any combination and nothing is popping out this much

for the second one, there is some harmony in the tasteful choice of colors and about the way the thing looks in a general way, this is tastefully done and organized but i am not so sure that the style , background and so on really match with teh theme. PLus your typo is globally flat , this is somehow someway lacking originality and combinations once again. finally icons look flat or simple in my view

Thank n2n44 ,

Recently I have tried new and improved version of Business Card that too has been H.rejected .

Sample attached.

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Hi @weblizar,

keep in mind that it is forbidden to use logos of famous brands and/or to mention car brands.

In this case you made a list of car brands in your design, you used pictures of cars showing their brands and you are also showing the Apple and Google Play logo.

Removing them will be a good step towards the approval of your item.

Regarding the design, i like it, but getting a business card accepted is pretty hard due to the high volume of this kind of items in the market. Your item is good but i don’t know if the reviewers might consider it original enough to deserve a place at the moment. You could try removing all the logos and spell car brands differently, for example you can write " Forrari " instead of " Ferrari ". For the car pictures, maybe i am wrong, but i am pretty sure that if you cover the brands from the rims and from the hood of the car you can keep them in your design.

Good luck !

hi indeed yes @MatteoGianfreda is right … the best way if u want to is just to dirstort the name … ferrari becoming ferrori or somethign like this …
for logos this is the same this is better to create a bit lookalike fake logos instead of using the real ones
matt is right, the logo cannot be displayed and the thing can go if the brand is covered indeed

when it comes to the design itself, i know this is what most of customers make u do but u have a whole lot of information and i tend to believe that putting brand names and so on is not necessarily indispensable …

for the side with apple and google logos, it seems to me that the car is too close from both safety zone and trim line , this is neither safe not a good idea since u do niot have “breathing” (some spacing enabling the design not to feel like suffocating). The typo part is a bit flat and honestly i tend to believe that would be welcome for u to use some font associations to bring creativity to the table typo wise

I need more help, Can I put my (Not Approved Item) here ? Before uploading to the envato ?


hi yes u can, sone other guys did by the way

@weblizar Yes, you can.

Thank you…

Here are my items.

hi this is clean indeed
as for me i believe that the item is working in a much better way in blue - green color though there is a bit of a contrast problem with some texts …
i tend to believe that the left part is a bit too minimalistic in my view
u should also play a bit more with fonts, combine them more and try to give it a bit originality too

How can improve typography from flat to dynamic. can you suggest any article?

i think u should just try to introduce a bit more originality in used fonts and font combinations …


Read this

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