GraphicRiver File Hard Rejected. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my design?/

Hello, there. I’ve created the above business card design. But my work got rejected. I made some changes and uploaded again. Still got rejected.They aren’t mentioning any specific reason for the rejection. I don’t understand why they aren’t approving my design as I’ve followed all the rules thoroughly. I’m really disappointed. Can anyone help me out ??

I’m not an expert yet, but I think your design is quite simple and verily easy to be made. Also, there are some composition issues.

Thank you for your time. I know my design is quite simple but if you have seen the market of Business Cards, you would definitely find that most of the designs which are being sold currently are also simple and minimalist. It isn’t that I am not aware of the fact that my design is ordinary but I had create one similar to those which are being accepted in the market.
I’m totally confused what to do next :confused:

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hi there are multiple reasons for the rejection if u ask me. Let’s get started. First of all this is about the general style. This is simple, there is not much graphic design here and I would recommend that u push the graphic design envelope so that u can add some extra value and originality and make sure that u can bring something a bit new to the table in the process, as well. Otherwise, if the global item is sort of clean and clear, this is also quite flat and nothing is spinning out much from what u have at this stage. The typo is clean but very “traditional” and lacking variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality , which fails to generate some real relief and bring u not to be able to really abide by GR’s standards that are reply high in terms of typo, since, here, this is a major issue.The set if icons is quite basic and is not really bringing anything when it comes to graphic design. The fake logo is quite simple and rather flattens a bit your work rather than taking it to the next level, if u ask me. The organization of elements is not the proper one in the data side , according to me, not only is the centered elements in onside and “left flagged” in the other one, a bit strange but in the data side, this creates a misbalance between the part where u have personal information and the right part where there is nothing at all. By the way , still about the concerned organization, the logo is misplaced , if u know what z-lay out is all about , u will not have any trouble identifying why … and as such of course, the logo is not being placed in an impact zone which basically is a mistake as far as branding goes , too


Thank you for explaining in details. I now working on something unique. Hopefully it will be approved.

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