Why are my designs rejected

Why are my designs rejected, I’m new here and I want to help if you allow

A business card with a kid photo that’s a bit strange. Your design is too basic. If you search for free business card on google you will find allot of free cards better than yours.


Thank you for caring, I will try again with another design

Please, can I show my next design to you before uploading it? Because my account is not closed or suspended

You can post it here before you upload for review.

Thank you so much

hi basically everything is lacking too much originality in a general way …, the global style, the color combinations , the typo and most importantly again the icons , so in the end u have a huge feeling of deja vu resulting from what u have here and in such a saturated market this is not really a good thing, i guess u can understand about it …
in addition, the hierarchy is lacking relief a bit and the typo variations so that the hierarchy is better and important information pops up

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Thanks for the notes and clarifications…