Why my business Card Hard rejected ? Please help me.

I am a new comer in graphicriver, I submit a business card some days before, but its hard rejected,
I am very sad about this, Kindly please help me Authors for the graphicriver ticket.

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If you want to get some feedback on your design, you can post it here.

Post your design, the community will gladly help.

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Thank you for your reply, Here i am attached the file, kindly please review the item

It’s actually a nice design, I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with it. But the main reason it was rejected is likely because it’s quite a simple design and it’s just not got enough of a wow factor. There are thousands of designs on this site so if you’re doing something simple it really has to be a little bit special.

Hopefully if you keep working and produce some more good designs you’ll get items approved. It’s always good to browse items approved on the site to get an idea of the standard you need to be successful. It’s so competitive here, and you want to get sales on your items, not just get approved. Good luck!

Thank you for your reply, any uploading mistake make the hard rejection ?
Kindly please check the logos also, the logos rejected. What is your opinion ?

If work is hard rejected it means the overall quality isn’t considered good enough. If there’s just a mistake with the upload, it will be “soft rejected” and the reviewer will tell you what you need to change. Your logos are pretty good, if I have time I’ll try to give some feedback on them.