business card get rejected

Hello their this my second submission for business card i put A lot of offer to do this design even i didn’t even copy any other please help me

hi there is a true effort about originality and color combinations. However i see a collections of things that u have to fix , improve and change indeed.

1- lack of concept
it looks like that u have tried to make this card kind of real estate oriented with the logo but honestly this is really not obvious a thing and , to be honest , i do not see any code related to this activity apart from the logo …

2- typo
well sorry to say just this but u have a loooooooooot of work to do about this , as not only people are expecting much from u in what i judged as essential no matter where u post here , but there is also much to say about what u have right now … the fact of the matter is that the font u used is too bold, hard to read, , preventing any decent hierarchy and lacking harmony, variations, and most importantly font combinations … pls think about something way more readable in the first place something that either looks professional but also not too common, and then after this, try to revolve around it to find other fonts to match either the theme and the new basis that u will have created

3- icons and bullets
well there is not much to keep about what u have at this stage … the bullets not contrasting enough with the background and basically bring nothing to the table visually speaking or originality wise but in addition they are not good looking as well … icons are too flat , too common and look like presets and as such are not valuing anything of what u have done …

4- general style
stripes of colors that u have in the sideways are interesting though are too raw , u need to make a smoother thing, mixing up all of them, having more transitions and subtlety indeed

5- fake logo
this is a bit too simple and there is much to redo when it comes to fonts and texts as evoked a bit above … u need to target to create something that will make you preview look better in a general way and that will be likely to take your game to the next level for this i would advice u create more homogeneity and continuity between the illustration and the name parts … the logo is also positioned too much in the left this is preventing the element from breathing and also deteriorating the preview overall …

6- alignment
in the logo side u cannot have such a discrepancy between the illustration and the text all has to be flagged the right way , in this case in the middle and makes sense and look good …

oh The logo i design it separate Thank you very much for replay

please can you help me how can contact you this my third rejection