My Business card rejected.

Can anybody help me what problem in my business card?

Is it very simple work?

<a href="


<a href="


your cooperation will be highly appreciated

You’re going to have to post a direct image link instead of a link to a site.

Its not any site link. It is dropbox link…Please help me to find out the problems. Thanks

Please don’t share link to download your main files (PSDs), only the preview image.

Is it possible to find out problem to see without main file.?

Yes, a lot of people post the preview images of their rejected items and they get feedbacks by other authors to improve their work.

Thank you. I upload preview images.

yes, I uploaded preview and jpg images. would you please help me to give some critic?

I’m not an expert but personally I don’t like the fonts, the shadow under the slogan and that texture.
Overall I feel like it’s very simple and it lacks details a little bit.
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hi , indeed, i don’t really know how to say … i am conscious that u have probably made a real effort on this one and that it took u some time, but there’s still a long way for you to go before u manage to have this item approved … . u have real issues when it comes to fonts and font combinations , u have some balance issued as well. The “fake” logo that u are using for the preview looks not good at all and thus provides people with a bad feeling as regard to the quality of your item. You also have to embetter text positioning and alignments as well , so do not discourage , just keep on working and doing your best :wink:

Thank you very much for your valuable critique.

u are welcome , u have a positive attitude in asking and considering other people 's view , i just hope that u make the most of it and can take your game to the next level and ultimately get rid of rejections :wink:

Hi, Thank you again,
would you pls give attention for my new design. Your critique help me…

I would like to here from you.

Thanks & Regards,