my business card template design is rejected, any suggestion?

hello my friends, I’m a newbie in here. So, I just started uploading some graphic asset and my first try in this sector.

This is my business card design that been rejected. Can you help me to revise this in the future so I can avoid any reject item?

hi sorry to tell u just this but if u ask me, at the moment , u are miles away from standards here. There is a cool attempt to bring something either colorful and original, no doubt, but there are many issues with this card all the same … The major fact of the matter is , in my opinion, that what u have here can be redone very easily without taking much time or having incredible skills to say the least , which, in other words, definitely decreases gamely the commercial interest and potential that people may have. Let’s face it, for a buyer to buy it takes him or her to analyze that they will either save time or offer something going beyond their personal graphic skills. Here u have nothing of these two things. So why buying ,people would rather save money as they identify that they would not really save time and , to a certain extent, why accepting the product if the item is seen as having very little or no potential at all in the first place? In addition, there are some items that are very simple or minimalistic but that could make it but it takes authors to do a flawless job all the way. Here apart from general style and commercial viability issues, there are definitely things to improve. The first is alignment issues … I cannot identify what is the guideline that u used indeed … why n the logo side justifying texts in the middle ? and why having left flagged elements in the other side? the thing gets worse again , apart from coherence issues, when it comes to alignment as things are flagged on the left in the data side but are not aligned at all … it looks like sort of a “stair”-like organization which looks messy and is disturbing when it comes to reading … have u ever heard about what I call the z-shape reading process? that means the way eyes usually sweep across any document in order to read it and which also determines what are the impact zones in a document … Then, there is a contrast issues as regard to icons on top of colorful bullets, which are definitely not popping out at all … to sum up , u have two major issues when it comes to basic design principles - contrast and alignment - and I guess u can indentify that u cannot expect anything to go through here with such important mistakes … In addition, to be honest all the way … this is not all. There are big problems as far as typo goes the typo is simply not matching the style of the card at all … the styles of design and typo do not match and the style of combined match even less so that there are a variety of issue resulting from this , especially when it comes to harmony / homogeneity, aesthetic and coherence , not to mention that texts are not even super readable too and really do not match with expectations linked to a corporate item and a template for a marketplace which both demand flawless handling of organization, alignment, and other parameters in keeping with company demands , indeed. Let’s also face it , the logo is really not taking your preview to the next level. I know that this meant to be replaced, of course. But, look every detail matter and what u need is something to leave a good feeling to potential buyers and reviewer. This is not what happens here. This low quality fake logo just tends to flatten your work and has a negative impact on the whole product visually speaking. Pls also keep in mind that the preview is sort of an interface between u and your work in one side and the reviewer and potential purchasing base , so that it takes u to bring as convincing a preview as possible for the item to appeal to people. Besides, to deal with a related issue, the marketplace has dramatically changed ever since 2009 … nowadays, if u wanna have a “successful item” u need to strike a niche and to have the targeted purchasing base getting to realize that u are addressing to them. Well here this is very generic in terms of style and I do not know how people would feel like that u are creating an item meant for them … the “fit them all” does not work anymore, this is more likely to be the guaranty that the item s going to be “buried alive” if it ever manages to make it for sale and , BTW, this characteristic may rather be a reason for the item to be rejected somehow some way