Business Card Template was Approved. Thanks all!

Hi all,
This is the first Business card design was Approved for sale on graphichriver, after repeated rejection. I have learned a lot from other designers here, and your great feedback on my designs has been rejected … Thanks for a great community, Best wish !

Try the best !

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hi well in terms of style the bottom line is that u did not bring anything new to the table … whether this is about global style, colors, elements, typo and so on , the great majority of what u have here looks really familiar and inspires a deja vu feeling to say the least. Why accepting the item if so? this category is a hard one and actually the more there are people to post in a category as they believe “this is easy” a category and the more rejections are very likely … i would also like to add that the overall looks very crammed though u did not manage to bring anything really original in the end …

i am always skeptical at having people;e offering several color variations as in most cases, they do not manage to bring anything else than potential troubles to the preview. Between the colors not always suitable and the contrast issues that this is generating on regular basis , i am not sure this is doing any favor to say the least. Look , for instance , in what u have , u have a real problem with the yellow colors version, some text are just unreadable as this color choice brings u to violate the contrast basic design principle. For the red one , this is worse, this is the name and function that are unreadable and this is meaning that in addition of violating the contrast basic design principle , u are also killing the hierarchy in the process, as well … besides, still about the hierarchy , let’s face it, no matter what is the category there is an issue about it … as some important texts are hard to read or really unreadable