Business card is rejected by hard rejection..any one tell me about the reason of rejection

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The colors hurt my eyes. Also you have many issue with typography, hierarchy, readability, no concept…


Thanks Sir for telling me.
kindly tell me how to resolve these issues…plz give me some suggestions to improve my work?and which type of colours i can use?

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Do a Google search for “color theory” and you will find many video tutorials

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hi i agree with with @DesignSomething about the wrong thing about colors. Though , i would rather emphasize that u are violating a basic design principle : contrast. This is a lethal mistake indeed to break any basic using principle but this one in particulate. Indeed, this leads u into further trouble in a snowball effect as this is impacting both readability, hierarchy and the “wow effect” that the card should generate and that does not occur here. PLs keep in mind what is the purpose of a card like this … this is to show people’s personal information and if they turn out not to be readable what is the point of using / buying such an item, when this is not reaching the basic target ? (to the same extent , this is impossible for the reviewer to actually approve your work as such … i guess u can identify this). Please also keep in mind that this is a template that u sell here and the disposition of the logo side may work with a custom made one but not a template where people are supposed to replace the logo with theirs, while u do not have any idea of what it looks like … icons are too plain and look like photoshop preset and have no real visual impact , no originality and do not take your game to the next level indeed. All in all when u analyze what u have left in the main file once the logo is gone, there is simply not enough graphic design as this is just being limited to texts, plain icons, flat colors , etc … which has a very negative impact on the way people feel - reviewer included - and considerably reduces the commercial potential of your item indeed , so once again, why a reviewer would accept the item in the end if they see it as having very low commercial potential … i would also recommend quitting using the italic variation that look very old and basically matches with nothing of what u do …

Ok sir thanks for giving me helpful review.i ll avoide these mistakes nxt time

hi i think that the best solution is for u to apply all this to the current design. By experience i can tell u that indeed, anytime people say the same as u in the end they end up posting in the forums again after doing exactly the same mistake as the previous time indeed. But up to u to choose to rework or not … anyway, if u have clues enough as for what to do with your item , pls check the “solution” box indeed , good luck and good work, no matter whether u choose to rework or not :slight_smile:

Thanks sir for giving me advice and also not hurt me…thanks

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lol there is definitely no desire to hurt u but to help u :slight_smile: sometimes this is a bit difficult to tell people the truth without hurting them , i personally try my best for this buy simply trying to describe what i see technically so that i can help efficiently as much as i can … good luck and just keep in mind that this is normal to need tim a bit to adjust to the marketplace and the quality standard indeed, keep doing you bet things will pay off at a time, no doubt about it :slight_smile:

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