Need help with my 2 business card rejected Hard rejection

Search the forum and you will see many similar cards rejected. Overall looks cramped and outdated.

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Thank You

hi I think that first of all, u need to make sure that u take out mistypings and so on from your item, so that the item looks more professional and that potential buyers feel like u paid enough attention about your product. Then, I understand that this is kind of trendy to alter colors in the texts or titles but this makes no sense at all to do with something from the same hierarchy level and this is bringing some contrast issues toi the table, Pls let me remind u that contrast is a basic design principle and that messing with it is everything but a good idea indeed. I am also sorry to say just this but what u have here is rather generic, this nay have been an advantage back in 2009or something like this but nowadays with the system of niches so to speak, this is more likely to be a guaranty that the product will get drowned in an instant , so to speak, as u may simply miss the mark to get your “target” identifying that u are aiming at them and that the card is made to their attention …


Thank you very much, i am now understand, mistyping’s and more problem my item,

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