Business Card has been rejected

Hi everyone, this my second item and got rejected by graphicriver. I always research before I start making a template, but a bit stress when my design always got rejected. I am very appreciate if you give me some advice, critque and guide for how to get accepted. Thank you for your help!

Here’s my design.

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Your card has no concept and it has lack of creativity. Beside that you have many issues with typography, hierarchy, spacing and alignments, colors. Also that tiger it’s anything but no a logo.

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hi there, well indeed, i prefer telling u the ugly truth and be perfectly honest … if i were the reviewer, the item would be rejected as soon as i see this preview … the header of it is such a mess that this alone could mean rejecting the item indeed. this is alone collecting so many mistakes that there is almost no need to comment the item itself, u even manages to violate some basic design principles indeed (alignment in particular). Anyway ,i will stop taking about the preview now i emphasize the many mistakes that u have other wise now

1- presentation
this is messy and definitely not attractive as mentioned , not to mention that the eye is getting lost in the process of trying to read this … have u ever heard about z-shape reading? this determines the way the eye is sweeping across any document and the places that turn out to be focus points meant to let people know where to put the important information so that they are more noticed
2- alignement
u have such an issue in the preview but not only, as this is not any better in the card too … using some shapes to put the logo could potentially be ok - even if they do not really bring anything to the table in this particular case - as long as this is not leading u not to align things properly … let remind u that this is a basic design principle and that violating this part is a very bad idea indeed
3- organization and coherence
indeed, as u may guess having texts flagged in the middle and on the left like this, even more when seem to be placed randomly like here , this is not done, u just shoot a bullet in your foot
4- breathing
most of texts despite there is a lot of free space here are positioned too close from edges, this is preventing the concerned texts from having the proper attention and impact and for these texts to have enough breathing
5- contrast
once again this is a basic design principle that is violated if not violated … as the logo for instance and the footer text definitely are not popping out due to the lack of contrast and what is the point of having texts or elements if they are not really visible?! in the case of a business card , pls let me remind u that if the information is not readable or very hardly at least, what is the point of having the concerned business card …
6- hierarchy
the logo and main elements are not springing out , they are not organized logically in terms of decoration, color , positioning and impact
7- global style
well for me this simple, i would be wandering what i am supposed to buy with this card as i see no graphic design at all here , just block of text and of plain color and i guess that u can identify that a reviewer may not be willing to accept an item with no particular work and with absolutely no potential commercially as a consequence …
8- color combinations
pls make something coherent, use complementary colors, themed code colors or shades of the same color
9- identity
difficult to handle who is the target and who this business card is addressing … nowadays this is not 2010 anymore, at the time maybe u could have generic item and expect to sell a lot accordingly as reaching a lot of people , nowadays with so many people in town and so many items in the market, only niche things or clearly identified audiences can work