Business Card Rejection

These 2 cards are rejected today but I don’t know what is problem so Please guide me dear senior sir,brother,sister and other please help me.

Advance Thanks,

hi this is globally clean but the thing is that everything has been seen over and over and over again here … the typo, the disposition, color combinations and so on, there is definitely nothing new transpiring form what u have here , this is the bottom line. IN addition, let’s face it, once u take out the logo meant to be replaced, well there is not much graphic design left indeed … and i assume that this is worth the drive for u to push the envelope not only graphic design speaking but also concept wise, too, so that u can ultimately bring some freshness and originality to the table. Besides, still “in the same vein” indeed, the icons are sort of too flat, they can of look like photoshop presets and that do not bring any real additional value to the table. There is also much to say as regard to the positioning of texts. Actually the slanted shape that u have created is more likely to put u into trouble rattan than any other thing as u have showed a real difficulty to put the block of info properly out there , in the space that u have reserved for this … for the logo side, well , frankly enough i am wandering if this is worth the drive creating one to have something so very empty indeed , i assume that either have to have one and do something about it or that this is not necessary … especially as the logo is misplaced to have the right impact and attention according the z-shape reading process (in other words, the way the eyes are sweeping across any document …) which also determines the right parts for the logo to be … top left, middle of the canvas or bottom right … your name and function are also not placed properly as a bit too close from the edge and this is preventing them from having the right impact and attention and also preventing the card to have a breathing

Thanks a lot for your answer. That’s hepls me a lot.

Just to have more infos about submission.

  1. Can i submit both eps. and ai. format for Corporate Business Card Template or only eps. format is allowed?

  2. i recently submit 3 others business card template to envato and their been rejected.

I make sure every details of submission template are correct.
Fonts used (free license):

  • Mont-serrat

  • Nunito

  • Every text are greater than 6pt (minimum is 6pt for contact info)

  • i also put printer’s marks with rulers

  • my layers are organised (Front and Back Layer and in each layers logo layer, contact layer…)

  • And for Die-cuts, i create layer where i put business card rounded corner shapes

Thanks again for help us.

hi indeed, this is not a problem, if u can submit in eps, illustrator and psd this is better at least u will make sure that all possible buyers will find what they are looking for. However to be honest i am not sure that eps is so very useful and i guess that if psd and ai are provided, they are probably enough, but it does not hurt anyways …
indeed i wish u could have posted cards one by one rather than a set , this is making it more difficult to comment everything about each item indeed, anyway. let’s get started

card 1 indeed the problem is that this is definitely clean and tastefully executed but this is rather limited in terms of concept and graphic design and this is somehow having consequences
1- not too high a commercial potential
let’s face it , u do not have anything o much here and this is quite easy to reproduce the card without having huge skills and without losing too much time, so why buying in a way? the main reason that u will sell to “resellers” is for them to feel like they will save time out of buying , if they are not , this is getting more complicated. For non-resellers - so direct users - i guess that what is a bit of a problem is that they may feel like that u did not put much into it and that despite they have limited skills they could do or that maybe they would feel like that there is not something really worth buying for simple in terms of style
2- contrast and choices of colors
for me the issue here is not about harmony as u could do something solid enough about it, this is more the fact that contrast is not very important and this may feel like legitimating that this is not bringing anything to the table, pls see next point
3- hierarchy
du to rather close colors, in the end, u are flattening the hierarchy that u have managed to do rather well , there is not as much relief
4- icons
they are a bit common / flat, they do not make people feel like u have taken your game to the next level in terms of graphic design simply by introducing these ones
5- typo and size
i regroup but as they are all having the same consequences, u have some content that turns out to be to seen , see next point
6- readability
this could be really improved about this if u ask me, yes, indeed, u could bring something very harmonious to the table but u seem to have not taken the right thing into account, that is to say efficiency. The purpose of a card is to be read , that people can read the information of someone and keep the card as a reminder but what if the content is hard to read? then the very purpose of the card is lost , not to mention that size and so on also depend on the target that u actually have

card 2
sorry but no doubt why this card was rejected … everything about it inspires much of a deja vu feeling in the first place and what u have here is rather simple to say the least too , which also implies that u are facing the very same problems about commercial potential. Look, for this card , only considering the logo side is quite evocative indeed. IN this side, u have a logo meant to be replaced, u have two lines of a cut “frame” and a line. This is definitely not enough not only to justify having a “b-side” but even less when it comes to generate purchasing desires …not to mention that the other one is not so very much better about it. There is a logo meant to be changed, a block with personal information and clean but very common / simple icons. Moreover the block of information is not properly placed as there is not enough space on the left , it should be a bit farther from the edge so that the text can breath and the whole side is organized in a bit a better way , too. Once again u have the same colors and u are proving by actual test that i am right about saying that these color combination, really are far from being original and that they tend to be used by almost everyone indeed. I guess that this is not superfluous mentioning that the logo is way too simple and i would recommend that u try to invest some time to create something pro and that takes your gam to the next level rather than bring something in like this one, which contributes to flatten the whole design

card 3
the firstling that the card is inspiring to me is a feeling of something strange … u could manage to create something with almost nothing but that looks somehow a bit crammed all the same lol. This due to the global disposition.This logo is not a good idea and is not selling your design as it propels u into troubles indeed. The logo is a vertical one and compact and basically when u put it in such a context u introduce a good deal of misbalance as u will have a very compact shape in the middle surrounded by a lot of empty space on both sides, plus the feeling of vertical compression linked to the rather dense lower part of the card … i guess that u could easily fix this though by taking out the line under the logo, i do not know what the line is for but the result is clear and instant , as this is bringing a good deal of trouble lol. Icons are too flat one again. Once again the typo is too thin and there is a negative impact on readability and hierarchy and once more this would be great to have more space between the edge and the text in both sides and once again the logo side is too empty

Ok. Thanks a lot for your advices.

Please, can you have some courses or ressources to suggest me that can help to improve my skills in next level ?

I recently subscribe to Envato Tuts, and the course i found about business card is teached by NICKI HART.

I follow all instructions she taught in course before re-submit items and try also to download some others business card project in illustrator and in the most ressources i found, typography is under 6pt (4pt sometimes 3pt) and some of design are very simple.

Thanks a lot to be available.

as for me, i recommend 4 guys … Nemanja sekulic, Piximperfect, Rafy A , Ben productions, since they are all killers in their own way and huge to learn from (even if the first two channels are the best when it comes to learning indeed)