Please feedback me. for this rejected item

Hi there
please explain why this Business card is rejected , and give me any ideas to modifier ,

You have no concept. Typography has issues. Alignments and spaces are off.

hi i tend to agree with @DesignSomething, there seems to be no concept here or at least , if there is one, this looks very difficult for the other people to understand about it, which more or less amounts to saying that there is none. IN addition, what is somehow disturbing is that from one side to the other , u turn out to have differing elements , which makes very little sense to say the least … in addition , there are some clear contrast issues with some of the previews, which is clearly not a good idea, this is the bottom line. This brings u into facing troubles, apart from readability, u also have problems to have items popping out enough and also having a coherent hierarchy in the process, too. I have trouble to figure out why both sides are not the same color as well … There is no logo and there isn’t real a coherent and adjustable place where to put the logo that potential buyers may have … have u ever heard about z-shape reading process? the placement and size are also contributing to have the logo side both too simple and empty but crammed on the sideway all the same …, not to mention that there is a real issue of organization as there is a discrepancy between upper and lower part … definitely some issues of spacing and alignment , actually …
for the info side, u basically have more or less the same problems as in the logo side apart that this side maybe slightly a bit more well organized vertically indeed … though the data seems to be spread around a bit anarchically and the eye gets lost when it comes to collecting the information indeed