Give feedback this rejected item.

Please anyone tell why this business card template is rejected & please highlight my faults.
[This is my first submission in graphic river]

I think the biggest problem is that it’s too simple to be considered a premium item. There are many business cards similar to this that are free.

I’m not saying it’s bad, there just needs to be more to it for a premium marketplace.

Thanks for giving feedback. I will try to make it a premium one.

hi i think that u have to keep on thing in mind, people want to have “money worth” and for them to feel like buying , u have to bring something that they need to the table, whether this is about saving significant time, doing something that they cannot due in terms of skills, or something like this. Unfortunately , at this stage , this is not what happens. The fact of the matter is that, right now, if u take out the logo meant to be replaced, what do u have there? a few basic icons, blocks of text and some color shapes … i personally do not believe that anyone would invest some money to acquire such an item and , in a certain extent, this is logical, i do not see why a reviewer would accept a file seen as having close to no commercial potential at all. This takes me to say this. I recommend that u push the envelope graphic design wise, this will help u to being some real originality in the meanwhile and will of course boost the commercial appeal of the concerned item. I would like to get more in details now. The first thing that i want to start with is to say that , in my view , u should invest some time to create a really professional looking logo that will take your item to the next level by improving the global preview rather than showing a very dissonant , not original and definitely flat logo as the one that u have at the moment. Then, i would like to mention that u have a really major mistake here. This is about alignment, putting the logo so very close with the information and not aligning it vertically with the name and function is a really big mistake, worth having the item rejected directly, since , alignment is a basic design principle and there is no way u can “miss that one”. As evoked a bit beforehand, too, there is a big issue as far as typo goes. i displayed the dissonance with the logo part but this is not any better globally with the rest of the card indeed. The font used for name and function does not match with the one that the logo is being associated with and u need to have a coherence in the card, sort of a guideline and if u are invited to bring originality to the table , u must also keep in mind the efficiency , as paired fonts must be acting as duos so to speak. Icons are too basic indeed they sort of bring nothing special to the design. They rather look like photoshop presets and this is not helping to bring extra value to the item. Colors are frequently used in the first place and i tend to consider them as rather not interesting for that matter, but after all it could be ok, if the rest of the card was so very solid that it did no really bring troubles. however , this is not what happens here. There is something else to emphasize too. This is that we cannot really understand who this card is addressing.This looks like that u have sort of determined the real estate activity without it transpires in anyway in the design this far. U need to change this, especially as this type of “too generic card” is not working anymore nowadays , due to the huge number of former submissions, the very big catalogue of existing items and so on

Thanks it will be helpful for me.