Whay Hard Reject My Business Card

Please Help us Why reject my Business Card Design ?


In one of the most competitive categories there’s no room for anything short of flawless and original design -

  • typography needs work
  • spacing and margins are too much on the icons and inconsistent aound the name
  • hierarchy between different icons and text could be improved
  • design generally is a bit basic and simple

hi I think that the real question is “why would my card make it for sale?” , sorry I am teasing u a bit , but honestly , u are quite far from standards at this stage , to be honest … the reason why I was teasing u is that I guess that u can realize that there is not much graphic design in here this far and that such item can easily be found for free download over the internet , which basically means that the item has very little commercial potential as such. There are more things to improve , modify and change than any other thing to tell u how I feel … The fact of the matter is that , apart from being in a too simple style globally and not making people feel like buying out not providing them the feeling that they can either save time or bring some graphic design beyond their own capacity, when u sum up, the item is made of a bullet, a set of simple icons looking like presets from photoshop, lines of text and a logo meant to be replaced and thus not included in the main zip file … I guess u can identify that this is too light and that this is certain not making reviewer feel like accepting the file in a context where they have to reject more and more due to the large number of authors and submissions, as well as a very developed catalogue of products yet. Besides, part of the issues here is that this is hard to get to know who is “targeted” here. The marketplace has changed gamely over the years and nowadays tends to rather work out of hitting niches rather than out of creating generic items supposed to address anyone. Most of such items are basically drowned in such a bulk of items. Colors are also a bit strange , why the grey and white coming out of the blue when u basically have a black and beige card otherwise? this is not super harmonious indeed. The spacing and the alignment, which turn out to be basic design principles are indeed definitely requiring improvement and that u make sure that all is perfectly professionally arranged. Pls keep in mind that a business card template is not only a template but also a corporate item, in other words, u are expected to deal with everything perfectly in terms of organization, basic design principles and so on. The logo side is super empty until we may wander if this is worth the drive having a “b-side” for a card where there is nothing new - the logo is recurrent in the other side - and so very little design , info and so on in the concerned side. The global organization is also proving that u seem not to get to know about the eyes are usually reading a document, not matter what this is - what I usually call “z-shape reading process” - which also determines which are the impact zones where to put the most important information and elements , like the logo for instance. The typo is sort of clean but also flat and rather tasteless and bringing some variations, font combinations and possibly some touches of originality would help to generate some more relief and additional value to your item in the end, too. What I want u to understand is that unless u push the envelope graphic design wise, it will be hard for u to offer something new and also to generate some interest from the reviewer and potential buyers afterwards. At the moment, the item can be redone in a few minutes by basically anyone having just decent graphic design skills and knowledge of design tools indeed